Saying Hi to Mickey Mouse

Sunday after dinner, we got to take a nice walk to the beach. Tuna came along to!

I love when I get to see my family! It makes me so happy and refreshed.

Wahoo!!! I love Disneyland! Here we are ready to ride the shuttle to go! This time Jake and I got to bring Yoda, and R2D2 with us! We were laughing in this picture because Wesley kept trying to jump over his mom to get in the picture.

Disneyland mainstreet. This will be a great two days at Disneyland!

What’s a day to start off without a mickey chocolate rice crispy treat??!! That makes for a great morning! Thanks mommy!

At tarzans tree house we got to play some music on some pots and pans.

First ride of the day…..of course PIRATES!

No one else wanted to ride the tea cups but Wesley! Thanks Wes! We had a great time, and the mickey rice crispy did to! The tea cups will always be a classic!

Story book land! This is one of my moms favorite rides! I like all the miniature little models and miniature plants. How does disney do it?!
Sue I am sorry I had to put this picture up! I loved it so much! What a great picture to show the joys of Thunder Mountain!!!
Yummy!!!! Pirate New Orleans GUMBO! The movie “The Princess and the Frog” had recently come out and we got to see them do a performance in New Orleans square. It was really cute. I think Wesley needs to work at Disneyland as a dancer.

After some fun times in Disneyland we headed over to California Adventure. Here is mom on a bugs life ride. Its hilarious. The caterpillar eats everything insight, and you get to smell yummy candy smells of the foods he eats. California Adventure in the past few years put in some children rides based around the movie “a bugs life.” They did such a good job. The rides are so cute.

Jakes mom bought me this awesome Kermit the frog! I had so much fun playing with Kermit all day! He got to go on many rides, and spend a fun day at Disneyland! He is my new nighttime snuggle partner. Him and Tuna.

This pictures is awesome of everyone! Even kermit looks scared…and the man smiling in the front left. They put a new drop sequence on the “tower of terror” and it sure got my jitters going! I was holding on to my mom so tight!

We went on some more bugs life rides. Look how cute this light is! a lollipop with a lightening bug with a cone on his bum to project the light. I want a light like this in my backyard.

We are ready for bumper bugs!

This picture is awesome! My mom is so much fun!
Were stuck in a pile of fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This toystory 3d ride is so much fun! My mom rocks at it! She always beats everyone and gets one of the highest scores of the day! I need to learn from her mad skills! I would recommend this ride to anyone to ride over and over! But for some reason even if the park is not crowed, this line is always at least 30 minutes.

Two new action figures! The Jakinator, and the Wesler……….yea I should come up with better names than that.

Yeah for roller coasters!!! Mothers wanted to just watch on this one!
This picture is funny. Jake and Wesley have great faces! I am not sure while I am scowling.

I love love love this picture! When Wesley, Jake and I went to get some icecream cones, Mom, Sue, R2 and yoda waited at the steps and saved us great spots forthe parade coming up! The parade was a fun dancing one, and Wesley got pulled out and got to dance with a cute girl!
Day 2 at Disneyland! Sadly mom didn’t come with us, but we did get to have Bryce come join us! He came later that afternoon to play with us! We were all so excited, we didn’t want to go on any rides without him!

This is Casey Juniors train. I don’t think I have ever been on this ride. Maybe as a child but I don’t remember it, so this was great! We were in the “wild animals” cage.

Disneyland pickles are the best!!!!!!

and the carasouel to!!!! I am shocked we didnt take any pictures of us trying to pull the sword out of the stone. Last time we had at least 10 of those!

Have you ever seen captain hook around???! We got to share a nice moment with him looking at the little duckies. He is nicer in real life than in the movies.

A time at disneyland is not complete without riding the cars!

Best corn dogs! One thing that I really enjoy about disneyland is the food is always good. I am never disappointed. I could not ride any rides and eat their food all day and be happy.

Hanging out at Tom Sawyers Island. Jake said its almost the same from when he was little, except that it was harder to fit inside the caves.
Oh no! Were trapped in a ball of death!
Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho a pirates life for us!

Wesley and Bryce had a fun time getting to know each other this trip. I think Yoda looks so cute on Bryce. I think Yoda would make anyone look better. (Bryce doesn’t need that though, he’s already so handsome)
This picture of Bryce is one of my favorites. It was on Pirates of the Caribbean, the last ride of the day for us! You got to go out with a bang! After we got to go to the gift shop and get some fun toys! Jake and I even got to get our picture cut out and framed in the morning! I will have to take a picture of it, and put it on her! It was cute! I was happy I got to play with my family, and Jakes at the magical world of Disney! This was a fantastic trip, that I would love to happen again some time realllllll soon!

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