Halloween morning I got to go to extra credit lectures till one in the afternoon. After, I decided to go to J-Dawgs. That was the best choice I could of made. I always knew I loved J-dawgs, but I knew I loved them even more when I arrived and they had orange hot dog buns!!! It made the J-dawg taste even better! Jake thought it made a difference in taste, but for the better! They even handed out free donuts! What a great way to start Halloween off right.

For dinner Jake and I got to meet up with my wonderful roommates and boyfriends, Sandy and Alan, Stacey and Neal, Emily and Cade. We went the Bombay House for dinner! Defiantly one of my all time favorite places to eat.

Emily was calling me telling me that she was on the way and Stacey took this picture. It was a funny picture. A man saw Tuna and said, “I hope you don’t take that thing everywhere.” We all laughed……little does he know…..

                                                   Stacey and Neal at the Tajmahal.

The group picture! Sadly Emily and Cade were not able to join us for the rest of the night. They were not felling to well. Next Halloween will party!

          Back at the home, pumpkin carving, carmel apples, and cupcake times are about to happen!

                                                      Yum! Good job Stacey and Sandy.

                                                      Jakes pumpkin has some beautiful hair.

                                           Dr. Sandy is checking to see if Dr. Alan is doing ok.

                         Jake and I are ready to get started on this pumpkin carving! Let the games begin!

                                                       Time for the cupcakes to be mixed!

                                Jake got his pumpkin top cut out, and ready to clear the guts out!

                                                           Alan means serious business.

                                                                         Party fun!

Love Birds

                                                     Nothing better than eating cake batter!

                                                          This is a great look for Alan


                                                      My pumpkin is almost complete!

Neal and Stacey covered half of their pumpkin with paper, and each cut half of the pumpkin. When each is done, their sides will be revealed to see what there pumpkin looks like.

                 Sandy started joining the carving sensation. I am excited to see everyones creations.

                                                             Stacey mixing the frosting.

                                                                Tunas having a blast!

                                             My pumpkin is complete! Here are the remnants.

                             Cupcakes in the oven. Stacey is going to be the best homemaker ever.

                     This is Neal’s side of the pumpkin. It is time for Stacey’s side to be reveled.

This picture is hilarious.
Stacey’s reaction….
Neals reaction….
The final result

                                                                    Four pumpkins!


Jake brought some fun Halloween stories to read. He read to us as all of us were finishing up our activities.

                                               After a long night of partying, Sandy is pooped.

              Alan was so cute. He was so excited to put the candles in the pumpkins and see them lite!

              This is some serious business to get the candle in the pumpkin. Here are our final products!!!!!


The pumpkins look so good in front of the door. I was sad, Alan and Sandy’s were not  in the picture because there was on the other side of the door.

                                                 Cupcakes in cook pirate Halloween tins!

                                     Jake feel asleep in the floor. It was a long/good Halloween.

                                       Enjoying some caramel apples…….some good caramel….

A good Halloween! After fun in the kitchen, we all watched Beetle Juice. That movie used to be so scary. Happy Halloween!
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  1. Hayley

    Wow that was a fun-packed amazing Halloween. You really fit in a lot of festivities- you get that skill from mom 🙂 LOVE the pictures- LOVE You!!


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