Tunas Birthday!

Today was the best day EVER! We got to celebrate Tunas birthday! We didnt realize we missed it June 6th so we had to make up for it! Good thing he didnt even know it was his birthday! So he choose a banana themed party! Yellow it is!
To prepare for the party, Monday Jake and Tuna played rhinestone powers. Tuna became a rhinestone ninja.

                                         While the boys did that I got to make Tuna a party hat!

Then we went grocery shopping to get some stuff to make yummy food! Hopefully it turns out!

The turtles were so excited about Tunas birthday they were jumping on and off the dock!

This morning, woke up bright and early and got everything ready for Tunas party!

Sparkle cupcakes in monkey paper tins! Putting buttermilk in cupcakes make them so good. and I cant stop eating them! Good thing there is 24.

Then Tuna picked out center pieces and placemats for the table! Good choices!

For dinner we did home style cafe rio but a bit different. Cilantro lime pineapple rice.

Homemade pico, guacamole and black beans and cilantro lime ranch dressing!

The finished product with homemade sweet pork and tortillas with cheese melted on them on the bottom! I was surprised that I made something yummy! I am still learning to cook! I got all the recipes from a new cookbook that my Aunt Christi gave me for graduation called “Our Favorite Bites.” It is fabouls and easy to follow! They have the book at Costco! I would recommend getting it!

After a yummy dinner, it was time for presents! Tuna was so excited about them! He loves presents!

Look at this awesome present from Aunt Megan! She knows Tuna so well! She really put alot of thought into this gift. She knew Jake loves to skate board and so she thought Tuna should have his own skateboard so they can have some father son bonding time at the skate park. Also she knows Tunas obsession with Stacey. So she bought him a journal, with a lock so no one can read his secret thoughts about her. Thanks Aunt Megan! You are the best!

Aunt Stacey got Tuney some money (because she knows Tuna takes mine and gets things he is supposed to use his allowance for) an awesome b-day hat and a pooh-bear number one ribbon! Tuna pinned on his #1 Ribbon to him with his Batman pin from Megan’s Card. That was cool. Thanks Aunt Stacey! I love you!

Then Jake helped Tuna open his next present.

Tunas favorite Pokemon Nee Nee! He loves her popcorn tail! This is what Jake ordered from China because they do not make Nee Nee in the U.S.A. We also got Tuna a sleeping bag his size for when we go camping but we forgot to get a picture of it!

Here we are laughing! And Tuna let me wear his new hat.

Since I am the worst at Birthdays we also celebrated Megan’s belated birthday, Stacey’s soon to be birthday and Emily’s far away birthday! It was fun!

Here we all are having fun talks around the dinner table! Emily, Megan, Staceypants, Me. Thanks girls for a great time! (also, Stacey I am honored you ate the pork! It made my night! You are the best!) This was a blast!

After the party was over it was time to say our goodbyes and take down the banana party door! Thanks everyone for an awesome birthday! Tuna loved his 11th birthday!

We found at a candy store all banana runts and got a bunch of them. Jake cant stop eating them! They are kinda tasty when there are no other runts to pick from!
Thanks everyone for a great time! Tuna loves you!

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