a bike ride from utah to idaho: my first 50 miles on a bike.

Friday, after a great time at Swiss Days, Jake and I headed to his parents house to meet up with them and get our bikes loaded for our weekend adventure! We stayed the night in Logan, Utah, so when we got there we got to go to the Logan Temple. It is a beautiful Temple! We got to do a session. We were all cracking up at the “Thou Shalt not park here sign.” So cute and funny.

After the temple we were all starving, so we went to a place called Angies that we had heard of from “Man vs. Food” because of the Kitchen Sink challenge,which is the ice-cream picture above. We didn’t do that challenge because we all wanted food, but next time we will! We saw about ten kids eating this large ice cream and I don’t think they were able to finish it. It is big! We all enjoyed our food. Jake ordered a burger melt patty, I got fried fish, and mom and dad got spaghetti and a scone. Jake and I also got a scone to share and I think that was all of our favorite food item that night! I did really like my fried fish though. There is just something so good about tartar sauce! Then we all headed back to our hotel to get ready for our bike ride in the morning and get some rest!
Saturday morning we all woke up early, ate some yummy breakfast and loaded up the bikes and headed to Bear Lake! 

Driving into Bear Lake and seeing it, I think we all were overwhelmed being beginner bikers and seeing how huge the lake was! (except for Jakes dad, he has been biking for years!) Well, we all said, bring it on and got ready to ride our 50 miles!

Here are some pictures during our bike ride! I was surprised that riding 50 miles actually was not to bad at all. My legs didn’t get tired, it was my buns and hands that got really tired! I just need to get them used to a no cushion seat!

Jakes dad mapped out a great route for us. We did the longer portion of the ride (28 miles) first and stopped for lunch at a place called “Merlins.” (a very needed break!) I got chicken fingers and fries and a brownie cookie dough shake! Yummy! By this time I thought my buns were going to fall off. But surprisingly after some yummy food, I felt like I could conquer the world and for the rest of the ride felt great!

Here is all of us at the end of the ride! Results, 50.4 miles, took us 4 hours, 4 minutes and 7 seconds, our average riding pace was 12.3 miles. This was a great ride! I actually would like to do it again sometime. It is pretty nicely paved through most of it, except for a few parts that are pretty gravelly. Besides that, I would say it was a great trail! A few hills, a ton of flats, and great company! Hopefully someday I will be able to work up some speed riding my bike. For now, 12 miles an hour is great!

After a great bike ride we drove home! We stopped in Brigham City and went to Maddox Family Drive In. It was so crowded a nice family let us sit by them. They said they were from Idaho Falls, and any time they are driving to or from Utah, they always have to stop at Maddox. They were cute. Jake and I got the fried shrimp basket to try! It was great! Jakes parents got the chicken basket, and tried the peach pie and a peach shake! They said it was all really tasty!

Across the street from Maddox was a fruit stand, so we headed over there. Jakes mom really wanted some yummy peaches so she got whole box of them! She shared with us and gave us a bag! Wahoo! Tuna had fun at the fruit market and would like to go again. Then we headed home.
By Jakes parents house, lives a cute Zebra and some animal friends! Zarri was born this last April. I think he enjoys his home and friends! I am glad we got to meet him!

After leaving Jakes parents house, we headed home. On our way home we stopped to get some candy! They had sparkle cherry laffy taffys! That is the best ever!!!!!! I could eat one everyday! Tuna was excited to see Shi Shi. After unloading the car, Jake and I snuggled in our bed reading books. These are the 3 Roald Dahl books I read this week.

“Danny the Champion of the World” was a really cute book. I loved how Danny and his dad had a really good relationship and liked to spend time together and go on adventures. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was different than I remembered. I was so surprised to see that the new movie with Johnny Depp in it is closer related to the book than the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie. Examples, Charlie’s dad working at a toothpaste factory, and it getting closed down from all the chocolate eating. And a prince wanting a palace out of Chocolate. “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator” was weird. I thought I read it as a child, but I didn’t remember any of it! So maybe I didn’t….It was about Knids, and grandparents turning into babies. Entertaining to read though.

This was a great weekend! I am excited to get out on my bike again and see how it feels….


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