Miss Heather Parkers Bridal Shower!

Today I had an awesome time throwing Heather Parker a bridal shower! Marin was so awesome and helped me tons with it by doing all the planning, invitations, rsvps, balloons/signs and some serious clean up! Thank you soooo much Marin! Like always, you are a lifesaver! Really though! Here is a view of the food and drinks! It was so much fun putting this together! I love parties!

 Cute Heather ready for the party to begin!

 For dinner we had chicken tortilla soup with rice on the bottom, yummy toppings and homeade rolls!

 The food table!

The guests started to arrive! I was so happy sooo many girls came to support Heather! I thought it was so awesome! I am glad so many people love Heather like I do! Marin got some awesome cute colored balloons and a sign, and I really think that helped people know where the party was at! I need to remember that for future parties!

 Next it was time to eat, drink, and be merry!

Heather got some awesome gifts! She got all sorts of good stuff! She was so excited about it all, we even got a preview of whats to come in her future life with Mr. Tanner Dahl…

Here is most of the girls! I think a few people had to leave before the picture but here we are! Thank you so much to all who came and made this night a great success for Heather! I am so excited for her and happy she is joining the married club! Whoop whoop!

Tuna was excited to play with the balloons when everyone left! He was flying around the house until he fell asleep.


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