Christmas Eve

Christmas eve/Saturday was a great day! Jake and I got to sleep in till noon and then wake up and go to Mi Amigos for lunch!

We got a beef chimi and it was delicious! Arizona does mexican food right! Then Jake and I went shopping for a few hours and got some awesome stuff!!!! and went and picked up the Honey Baked Ham! Always a Christmas classic!

When everyone arrived, the Christmas Eve Party began! Mom always makes a bree cheese and honey dip that is so good. It exploded in the microwave, but it still tasted great!

Best friends for life! These two run and hide and play dolls together all night!

Christmas Eve dinner!

The kids were cracking me up. They were looking under the tree for soooo long trying to find presents for them. I wonder if I was ever like that?

I can’t get over how dang cute this kid is!

This year we did a new thing….a pinta!

Cami with baby Lindy all bundled up!

Eating candy from the piñata.

Every year we play chimes! I always look forward to that! The kids LOVE this! The songs don’t always sound so great or coordinated, but thats what makes it fun!

David is very concentrated on playing the chimes right.

Alyssa playing with some hand puppets I made 😉

Next on the list…….BINGO! My mom picked out some awesome prizes this year! There were so many fun things I wanted!

My first and only Bingo of the night! Jake pulled through for the team.

Here were the prizes Jake and I got! We were quite happy! Everyone gets at least two goodies! I love this fun holiday tradition!

After fun and games we had fruit pizza and apple and pumpkin pie!

While we were eating dessert, mom asked for all the girls to gather to a secret hiding spot where no one would be..:) She had lots of her Lladros lined up and she let us all pick two to keep! I was totally surprised and shocked! I saw the two I wanted right away, and was surprised I was the only one that wanted those ones! My sisters and I are all alike, but we all have a variety of tastes.

Aubrey and Cami so excited!

All of us with our picks! Except Amber, but she picked hers over the phone with mom 😉 I wish she were here to join us!

When we came back….this is what most of the house looked like. Just kidding, just this room. Jake and I were cracking up when we saw it. Bree and Mallory having to much fun opening Zhu Zhu pets and other toys from BINGO. To cute.


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