“Pretty Poises”- a stack and whack quilt

I never realized how fun quilting is! I thought I would never be in to quilting (especially because I like to make small things) but once I made one, now I want to make a ton of quilts! I was looking at all my moms quilts and thought this stack and whack “pretty poises” quilt would be fun to make, so I called up Aimee and we decided another quilt day was in store for us.
I liked this pattern, but it had you buy a little bit of extra fabric, so I would recommend to make this:
-8 fat corders
-3 1/3 for the back of the quilt
-l yard for the backing
-1/2 yard for sashing (sashing and binding can be same fabric)
-1/2 yard for binding
-3 fat corders for the poises
*you will still have a little fabric left over, but then you can make a cute little matching bag or something to go with your quilt.
The pattern also has you cut your quilt down to 50 inches and cut 10+ inches off, but I didn’t want to do that, and neither did Aimee because we just spent a ton of time sewing it all together (it didn’t make sense to cut off a lot of what we had just sewn together so) we just both changed the dimensions of our quilts to about 62inches and squared it off at the very end. It worked out well and the 3 1/3 for the backing is a little to small if you don’t cut your quilt down, so get 3 1/2 instead!

Picked out all my fabric at the fabouls Scrapbooks Ext and then headed over to Aimees house where we cut out all our fabric and and sewed our quilts together!

Sewing the day away! I love quilting with Aimee because she is a lot like me in that when we start a quilt, we want it finished by the end of the day! Aimee is always a blast to hang out with! We had fun working on our quilts and eating pizza. We learned  a few things though about this kind of “stack and whack” quilts. If you ever make one, I have a few tips:

-make sure when you cut your piles of fabric, all your fabric you have is in the same order in each pile. Like the same fabrics side by side in different piles. That way when you mix up all your fabrics, they go in the right order!

-the next thing Aimee and I learned is that make sure when you are going through your piles to sew your rows together you sew the right pieces together on the right sides, (or else you might be doing a lot of unpicking to make your rows even on each side) or end up sewing wrong pieces together.

-lastly, count each row you make to make sure it has the right amount of fabric strips in it, or else you might end up with some extras pieces that don’t make sense at the end and need to go somewhere 🙂

*in other words, stack and whack quilts are really fun! Just pay attention to what your doing 🙂

Here is the top of my finished quilt! I then got the bottom of the quilt ready to go and made my binding to bring to Betty to do the final quilting on my quilt! Betty and I picked out a bright florescent orange thread we were super excited about for this quilt! There is something so fun about bright colored thread! I love going to Bettys and seeing all the fun thread patterns you can pick to put your quilt together.

 Sunday night I was able to pick up my quilts! Betty did so awesome and got them back to me soooo fast! Whoop whoop! I sewed on my binding, and then got ready to hand sew the rest.

 The finished product!

 Backside of the quilt.

 I am excited to wash this quilt tonight so it will fray the poises and make them look so cute!

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