Garden Railroad

My mom and I have been wanting to go see these trains over at the Sirrine home for a couple of years and this year we finally got to go! It was fantastic! We got there at a crowded time and waited in line for about 40 minutes, but we had fun talking. When we got to see all the cool trains we learned the wait was well worth it! There were soooo many trains and parts and neat things to see.

 First the tour starts in the garage and it is full of racks of trains where Dennis Sirrine works on his trains!

 There were tons and tons of full racks of all kinds of trains ready to take a spin in the backyard.

 What you see when you first walk out! A whole city! Awesome!

Everything was so detailed and creative from the miniature plants all around every area of the train scenes, to cute creative scenes. Like this one with a train wreck and people cleaning it up and taking care of the accident.

 Choo Choo! Here comes the train! There were several trains running on different tracks at the same time.

 Mom and I had so much fun looking at the trains! I want to go back for sure next year!

They also had santa at the trains I got to meet him.

 On our way home mom and I picked up pizza, wings and breadsticks, and did some errands at Walmart.

 After eating we all hung out by the Christmas tree.

When the kids went to bed, we made yummy cookies! I thought these were soo cute! I loved the green and red swirl white chocolate chips! These cookies were delicious!

Then we watched Christmas with the Kranks. It was a really cute movie. I liked it! I want to purchase it so I can watch it every year before Christmas! It is a fun movie for all ages. To top off the night, mom and I watched Project Accessory. That was fun and interesting. I am curious how the final episode will go. What a wonderful Saturday!


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