The “Secret” Book Series

Isn’t this book so cute?! If you could judge a book by its cover, this is a good one. I liked the colors and the hard bound books have the cutest insides. The whole series are colorful and makes them even more exciting to read and look at.

If you are a reader who likes a book to end and conclude..this book is not for you. (just kidding…I am trying to sound like the author of the book 😉 This book feels like it is going to end several times and never does. You have questions unanswered and new plots twisting……(back to Kelsey tone) But I think that made this book really fun! It defiantly is mysterious, hence the title of this book. I found this book so entertaining, I started reading it this morning, and couldn’t stop reading it until I just finished it now! I am going to have to start the next book tonight….because I still don’t know the secret and want to know what it is! The author did a good job of wrapping everything up so if you didn’t want to read the next book you would be fine.

This seems so far like a fun, light hearted series to read, but there is lots of suspense to keep you reading! A lot of suspense! The author “Pseudonymous Bosch”-secret writer….. is quite entertaining. His writing is clever and he has fun tidbits he adds in the story.  I  think this book could give some kids some interesting ideas, but thats probably what makes it fun.  I feel like this book is something new, a new idea and something I have not read even though I made relatable characters in my own mind below.

One of the main characters reminded me a little bit of the Grand High Witch in Roald Dahls book Wicthes. Probably only because she wears white gloves. And the two kids kinda reminded me of the brother and sister in Rick Riordians The Kane series. I think that is why I really enjoyed the “secret” book so much. The author kinda of presents the book as he wants you to imagine what the characters look like, where they live, things about them and I think thats why I came up with what I did. I want to talk to someone else who has read the book, because I am sure there Cass and Max-Ernest are completely different than the ones I imagine. I am excited to start the next book tonight!

Book 2: I was disappointed in book 2. It was good, but I was so excited to read the next book in this series, I was bummed. It was my least favorite of the series. I would still read it though to it will fill you in on whats going on in the story! Now that your expectations are low…you will probably really like the book 🙂

Book 3: Book 3 and 4 were my favorite books in this series! Book 3 is all about chocolate! It has a really fun story line. I thought this was a really good book I didn’t want to put it down, and right when it ended, it left it so I was dying to read the next book! Its fun because its predictable but not….like you can come up with your own conclusions what is going on, but when you find out what really is going on its a blast to read! That doesn’t make any sense….

Book 4: This book was fantastic! It goes back and forth it time periods from present day to renaissance time when Cass is on a search to meet a Jester. You start to fill the story start to come together and get so excited and soooo close to finding the secret….

Book 5: This book really summed up the whole series. This is the book you finally find out what the “secret” is! I thought it was crazy we had to wait till book five for the secret! I think that made it fun! This book also took place in VEGAS which I liked! It also had alot of Egyptian stuff in it, which is really cool. You also learn out a secret about Max- Earnest about his writing skills that is a shocker.

This series was really fun! I dont know if I would recommend reading them one after the other though. I think they would be more enjoyable mixing up other books in between!


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