a week at the cabin

This past week I was able to have a super fun time with my family at the cabin! All of us sisters got to be there except Amber. We missed her. We all got to stay  for four days! It was a blast! Tons of kids, reading, sleeping, playing out side, movies, tv, cards, shopping…what a great week!

Mom and the girls at Costco. Mom took us to Costco and Sams Club to find all the grand kids christmas presents!

I bought some LEGOS at Costco and asked Gavin to help me build them. We had fun!

Our finished Harry Potter LEGO scene.

Tuna and Lampchop taking a nap.

We had fun sledding with what little snow there was! The kids had a blast sledding down the driveway for hours, and hours, and hours and hours….

Then there was a sledding accident and a light got broke and Mallory cut her ear….she was ok.

and then the sledding continued.

Gavin was so cute. Mallory was so sad and hurt from her ear. Gavin had a great idea to cheer her up by reading jokes to her!

Beautiful day outside!

Getting warm by the fire!

Headed to the mall!

Gavin found a hat he wanted!

Alyssa dancing for baby Lindy.

The mall was decorated so cute with tons of Christmas lights!

Wednesday night, I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I was! I got to drive to the airport to pick up my cute husband Jake! It was super foggy out when I left to the airport. Maybe because it was midnight?

Thursday morning everyone was so excited to see Jake!

Look at these cute kids still waking up…..

All watching TV together.

Finished the binding on a quilt I made!

Reid entertaining Lindy.

Where did Reid go?

“Here I am” says Reid!

He kept doing this over and over again and I couldn’t get over how dang cute it was!

Elevator going down!

Playing some air hockey. This was a great week at the cabin! It really helped us all get into the christmas spirt with snow, lights everywhere and watching christmas movies!

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