New Years Weekend

This was an awesome New Years weekend! I got the house all reorganized, moved around furniture, and found places for things! Here are the cute Lladros my mom gave me and there new home!

Here is my fabouls new shelf and frames made by the talented Aimee and Brandon Gurr! I LOVE how this shelf looks in my home! Thanks Aimee and Brandon!

 My sister Amber sent me a cute picture of Brandon with the turtle I made him 🙂 So cute.

Playing with our turtles. I really missed them over the holidays. So glad to see there shinning faces everyday!

Ate PF Changs and painted some furniture.

Watched some fun movies with Jakey.

Played with animal friends and watched the entire Americas Next Top Model Season 14.

Counted down to the New Year and drank some sparkling cranberry juice! Wahoo! HAPPY NEW YEARS! I cant believe it is already a new year and 2012!

 Sunday evening we went to Jakes parents house and had Christmas round 3.

 Claire opening all her presents! She was loving it!

 Claire and the turtle I made her 😉

 Jakes parents got us matching snowboarding jackets! wahoo!! Thank you!

 Monday Jake had the day off for the New Year. He was so sweet and made breakfast because I was feeling really sick.

 We went to Salt Lake to pick up Staceypants from the airport and on our way we stopped at Bruges Waffles and Frites. It was fun to try and good, but next time I am getting waffles and fries there!

 After we dropped Stacey off at home, we went to Yogurtland and came home.

Jake worked on some LEGOS while I watched The Bachelor! What a great way to start the New Year off….The Bachelor! I dont know why I love that trashy show…but I do. Cant wait to watch the next one, next Monday!

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