nightstand makeover!!!

This afternoon I felt like painting some things around the house. Jake and I decided that would be a fun date night with some delicious PF Changs Take out! Here is the night stand I wanted to paint…and no there is not 3 Hello Kittys on the night stand….that may be a little embarrassing…

First I took out all the drawers and took off all the knobs.

When Jake got home from work he helped me take furniture outside and started sanding things down! He is such a great help. Then we wiped down all the furniture so no dust was left on it.

It was a beautiful evening outside.

Then we got to painting! If you want to make sure you get the color of paint you want, you can do a primer on what you are painting first. Like a white….and then paint over it with the colors you want to do next. Or dont prime it and stain it..then paint…or dont do anything and just sand it and get to painting. Depends on what look you are going for! I did… just get to painting….and it probably would of been better to prime it first so I didn’t have to do 3 coats of paint on some things. I am still happy with how it all turned out though.

We ran into a problem with the handles/knobs. We spray painted them black, which normal works really well, but I think we just got a bad can of spray paint and it was not working well on the knobs, so I went to what was next best! Try and find ones that would work! I found some at Hobby Lobby that look so cute on it! So, since the holes for the knobs had depth, we filled the screw holes with putty and then painted over it so it would just look like the knobs had a little dimension if you saw behind them.

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