Jakes LEGO Bday Decorations and Food :)

For Jakes birthday this year we decide to have a LEGO party! Jake turned 32 so we had to do something fun! I had so much fun preparing for the party and making lots of LEGO decorations and treats! The first thing I needed to do was make invites and send them out!

 Here is all the decorations and food before the actually party started!

 The family room set up to play LEGO Bingo!

Bingo and Bingo prizes!
I downloaded this LEGO bingo at “Big D and Me”  and changed it up at bit and made 4 sets to a sheet vs. 1 because I was running low on printer ink 🙂

 We had a work station set up with bags full of stuff of LEGOS for everyone to make their own car!

Stuff inside the bag. Then we had bowls with extra parts incase they were needed 🙂

Pictures from the party coming soon!!!


15 thoughts on “Jakes LEGO Bday Decorations and Food :)

  1. Hayley

    Great idea to hang the ballloons on the string around the room- clever. So this party is out of this world! You are making the rest of us wives look bad! You are so creative kelsey- I just love it all 🙂 and I LOVE YOU!

  2. Artistic31Mama

    This is great! You had so many wonderful ideas. My sister in law is thinking of doing a lego theme party for my soon to be five year old nephew. I will be sharing this post with her. 🙂

  3. Mique

    Kelsey- this is SOOOOO fun!! Your husband is a lucky guy. I'll be featuring it on my Pity Party tomorrow. xoxo

  4. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

    What a great party! I love the lego marshmallow pops and the chocolate lego men. And the wall behind the dessert table is awesome!

  5. I am LOVD

    This is truly the coolest! My son would flip! I'm pinning the LEGO heads because they are the cutest little things!

  6. Cara

    Oh my goodness what a fun party! I love the Lego wall. Is that just a piece of colored contruction paper with circles cut out and then pasted on them? Such a clever idea.
    Happy Birthday Jake!


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