Jakes LEGO Birthday Weekend has begun!

For Jakes birthday, we wanted to have a LEGO Party! Jake has loved LEGOS since he was a little boy, so it is quite fitting to have a LEGO party 🙂 I thought it would be fun to have him open all his presents tonight, so he could play with them on his birthday (tomorrow) all day!

 I went a little over kill on the presents this year……It is just so fun to buy LEGOS!

 Jake opening present #1.

 Yeah!…..cool cases to display minifigures in! They can even hang on the wall!

 Playing battles with his Star Wars Magnets.

 3 Presents left………what could they be…..

 Dinosaur Legos!!!!!

 Phew…good thing Jake is turning 32. He is still young enough for LEGOS 🙂

I think Jake had some fun opening his presents! I think he will have even more fun in the weeks to come playing with his presents! Jake made this display all by himself so he could look at all his presents. haha What a cute boy.

The mini figures look so dang cute in these cases! Love it!

 I like Jakes cool LEGO Magnets sitting on top of the boxes!

Well, we will be playing LEGOS all night in anticipation for the fun party tomorrow! Happy early Birthday Jakey, I love you!


2 thoughts on “Jakes LEGO Birthday Weekend has begun!

  1. makall

    ok kelsey, you are the cutest wife in the world. you make me laugh and cry! you guys are just too cute for words. happy late birthday to Jake! what a fun birthday!

  2. Cara

    I am the newest followe of your darling blog!
    First of all I love that you and your husband are kids at heart, never lose that.
    Second, that clock in your first picture is to die for! Did you make it?
    Next, I love that you tied twin to the balloons to make more of a balloon banner of sorts. Adorable!
    Lastly, your Ant background is fabulous! Reminds me of some wallpaper and maxi dress Anthro has.


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