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For girls camp, the girls in my ward (church) really wanted mini Book of Mormons! (You could make this project for any little notebook or journal you wanted to cover.) I got to make all of them for the girls! I was so excited because I love to do this kind of stuff! I would totally recommend making some for Christmas gifts, bdays, fun things to give to family, Young Woman’s groups or whatever! I learned a few tips from making alot, so I thought I would share!

-I got the pattern from Little Miss Suzy. She did a great job on her tutorial! I would check it out for directions and a pattern on how to make the books! The only thing I added was an interfacing for a thicker book 🙂 But making 32 BOMS I picked up a few tips! Here is what I learned!

-1/4 of a yard will make 2 BOM covers.
-I would recommend a magnet roll for closures. 
-I would recommend Iron on Interfacing for a layer after the fabric, and then apply your Heat and Bond material.
-ribbon, I used regular ribbon and hot glued it to the fabric. 

I precut all my fabric so it would be easier to make everything and get all the materials stuck together before I cut the pattern.
-fabric 18×8
-iron on interfacing 18×7.5
-heat and bond 18×7.75

 I made the heat and bond a little bigger than the iron on interfacing so it would make the materials underneath super secure.

1. Iron on your iron on interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric (not the pretty side.)

2. Then iron on the heat and bond on top of the iron on interfacing. After I ironed everything, I used the pattern to cut out the fabric.

If you are going to do a book mark, put it on before you iron the cover onto the BOM.

I was on a budget making these books so I used regular thread, and hot glue gunned them to the fabric before I ironed on all the fabric to the book.

When you add on all your nick nacks and doo dads…iron on your fabric cover. I recommend not using any steam. Make sure to fold your flaps over last so you have a clean edge at the top and bottom of the books, and not a cut edge.

After ironing, when the book is still hot, bend the excess fabric for the flap over the book and put a weight on top of the flap. That way when the heat wears off, your books flap will cool down in folded position and stay.
I used magnets for the closuers. I wanted an easy way to close the books. I used a roll of magnets and cut them to the length of the book. (1 large roll at Joanns was barely enough for 32 books) Even though the magnet back was pre sticky, I used tacky glue to solidify the magnet to the fabric of the book. I also used a weight again on the book to hold the magnets in place till the glue dried. ( I would not use a glue gun to glue the magnet down. The glue gets to cold on the magnet and creates a bumpy closure. 
Get a helper if you need it! Hello Kitty is always a big help! Here are some of the finished products! You can have so much fun with these books making them simple, or really embellish them to your liking! If you have any questions or need help, email me 🙂
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