a beautiful sunset walk on the beach

I think California and Arizona have the most beautiful sunsets! Mom, Jake and I went to the beach to walk on the sand. I cant believe at what an amazing time we caught the sun going down! When we got to the beach it was a beautiful yellow and blue and started to change colors and the sun went down more! It ended in purples and pinks! Oh it was amazing!

Cool trees by the beach!

The sunset was just unreal. I took a million pictures….

The reflection of the sunset on the water was AMAZING!

Millions of seagulls!

My mom chased the seagulls so we could get a picture of them all flying! I wish I had a picture of my cute mom chasing the seagulls!

Jake was dying to jump in the water! So he did 🙂 He loves the water! He cracks me up. He could go play in the waves all by himself for hours and have so much fun! I sure love my Jakey.

We all had a great walk on the beach! I still cant get over how beautiful the sunset was. So dreamy! A fantastic walk on the beach!

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