Halloween Time at Disneyland :)

Disneyland to me is always magical, and during the holidays..WOW! Even more magical  I LOVE Disneyland! I have always been a huge fan, but as I have gotten older, and married to Jake, we both and become a little obsessed! Its ok though, I think Disneyland is a great thing to be obsessed with 🙂

Pumpkin Characters above the main entrance! To cute!

Halloween decor everywhere!

This is me freaking out when Cruella took Tuna out of my bag to skin him. She ended up taking him for a stroll around Disneyland. I was ok with that 🙂

I dont know if I have ever met a Disney character that was such a hoot! Wow, we had so much fun hanging out with Cruella!

Tuna enjoying his first set of Mickey Ears.

Getting some snacks and round 2 lunch at the Holly Holiday Bakery Cafe!

Mom and I ate at the Cafe, and Jake got a chimi from the food vendor carts!

We were walking to Indiana Jones (which is sadly closed till this winter) and Jake saw a Perry Pillow in a store! Jake was so excited he ran to Perry and gave him a big squeeze! So we knew, this is what Jake needed for his Disneyland treat 🙂

Pirates! Arggg!

Jack and Sally

Haunted Mansion!

I love the singing pumpkin heads 🙂

Over at the Ranch is one of my favorites at Disneyland! They always have goats and coloring so its super fun! They had an entire Halloween set up over there! It was super fun to check out!

Conjure a Villain was really cute! You got to boil a spell and see who came to visit! We got Captain Hook! Pictures with him 2 times in one day, now thats a rare occasion 😉

Beverly Hillbillies music show!

Amazing pumpkins!

Time to color!

My super cute mom! I love her so much! She is always a blast to have around! I love whenever I get to spend time with her!

Check out the play on words…to cute!

Sitting on some hay bails 🙂

Time for the goats to go to their home. Bye bye cute goats!

Lots of birds above space mountain!

hhaah I love this picture! Jake and I scared from the scary fire ghost, my mom= not even phased! We put our Halloween Costumes to get ready for Mickeys Halloween Party that night 😉

One last ride before the Halloween party began. We rode the bobsleds! The new seats were pretty roomy! I liked them! I did like the other seats because they were snuggle seats, but the ride is still jerky and fun so I was not disappointed with the new seats!


7 thoughts on “Halloween Time at Disneyland :)

  1. Caitlin Jones

    Love everything about this!! Disneyland is THE best! Although, I agree, I miss the old bobsled seats as well. Definitely not for lovers anymore haha but still great!

  2. Cara

    So fun! I have been to Halloween once during this time of year and want to go back so bad!!! I am glad you and Jake had fun with your Momma.

  3. erica[goodjobmomma]

    WOW!!! so many fun pictures!!!! looks like a seriously good time!
    thats too funny that cruella took tuna!! crazy!


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