Home Building Updates

October 24

Its so fun seeing all the decisions come together! Here is progress in the Master bedroom

Running water!!!

Jake wiping down all the grout so it would be clean 🙂

Appliances in 🙂
October 25

 Lights starting to be hung 🙂 and Subway tile coming in the kitchen!

 half bath lights

 My favorite chandelier!

 Carpet has arrived!

 Kids bath lights

Master bath filed with grout
October 26

 Grout in the subway tile

 Marble on the fireplace

Stairway light! This is also another favorite. Lights in the master bedroom are hung to! You can kind of see one on the brick in this picture.

 Shower enclosure!

Handles on the Fridge! Yeah!! I am so excited to make cookies! The house is looking so wonderful! I am not going to lie though…I feel there is no way for the house to be done by this next Monday to close…which is supposed to be the case. We will see…. I sure hope it gets done by Monday so we can move in soon!


3 thoughts on “Home Building Updates

  1. Lisa Fly Rondo

    oh my gosh wow your house seriously rocks, so excitd for you it looks amazing and so nice and love your light fixture choices!

  2. Whitney Leigh

    ok fiiiine. you can build a house for me. I won't be mad. 😉
    but seriously. Your home is gorgeous. I love all the light fixtures!


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