Orange County Swap Meet

My family is a big fan of the Orange County swap meet. Usually we just go for the memories, and that we have been doing it since I in a stroller 🙂 My first priority is to go and get beef jerky!

My cute mom! She always finds tons of stuff!

Jake and I were shocked and surprised when we left the swap meet because we ordered handmade couches..we got extra down-fill put in the couch cushions so they can be oh so cozy! ….and

a dining room table! It was so random, but we finally found what we liked! Wahoo! We got a bench and a few chairs to! SO…I guess you could say we had an extra successful day at the swap meet!

For lunch we got beef brisket sandwiches! Wow, this is seriously the best brisket I have ever had! YUM!

Fresh Lemonade… always a must!

Best Beef Jerky in the world!!! I forget I am not young anymore and the hot, is really dang hot and burns my mouth. I ate it and LOVED it, but my mouth was on FIRE the entire time! I need to start getting teriyaki!

When we got home from the swap meet, the flowers in the front yard were looking so pretty I had to take a picture!
Then we all chilled and relaxed, ate candy, and watched Americas Next Top Model. After we went on a lovely sunset stroll on the beach! (more pics from that to come)
In the evening, we got to meet up with Stacey James at BJ’s Brewery! It was so fun! After we played cards and had a sleep over! Its crazy Stacey lives in CA now! Good thing Jake and I love to visit there!

4 thoughts on “Orange County Swap Meet

  1. Stacey Lyn Tippetts

    I love that swap meet. I have to get a chocolate covered banana every time we go. Such a fun place! (And BJs is awesome too. Love their avocado egg rolls. yum!)

  2. Michelle

    I love that dining room table! After we moved here we had some friends suggest BJ's. They told us we had to get that dessert, that cookie thing with ice cream, oh my it was amazing! I need to find out wehere this swap meet is, looks fun.

  3. Bridgette Nicole

    This is my favorite thing in the whole entire world! I grew up going to this every Saturday with my mom. Have fun girl and I LOVE your new couch and dining table. So awesome! 🙂
    P.S. I have a fun giveaway on my blog that I think you will like. Check it out:


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