Christmas Lights at Temple Square
A few nights ago Jake and I got to spend some time in Salt Lake and walk around City Creek Mall and Temple Square. With all the snow on the ground, wearing mittens, and all the beautiful lights, it was so fun to walk around! I loved all the nativity scenes and different colors of lights. The green and purple ones were my favorite! Growing up in Arizona we never had snow, and having Christmas time with snow is so dreamy! I have been loving it! It really is a white Christmas! Is there anything you have been able to do to get ready for the holidays?!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Lights at Temple Square

  1. Katherine Nay

    This is one of my very favorite things about Chirstmas time in Salt Lake. I haven't gone out to see the light yet, but I think I will this week! Looks like you two had a great time out there.


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