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La Bonne Vie Macaroons
unique chandelier at La Bonne Vie
La Bonne Vie Macaroons and Tart
La Bonne Vie at The Grand America
floral bow tie and plaid blazer
La Bonne Vie at The Grand America Hotel
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Polka Dot Sweater: JCREW (similar)
Pink Pleated Skirt: ASOS
Plaid Blazer: Banana Republic
Floral Bow Tie: Edit by the Tie Bar
Suspenders: Topman
Shirt: Burberry
Wingtip Shoes: Cole Haan
Watch: Burberry (similar)

One place I wanted to make sure Jake and I stopped at while we were at The Grand America was their darling bakery La Bonne Vie.  I love walking in there with the crisp, white shelving and seeing all the fun dessert colors pop right out!  There are always so many yummy treats, baked goods and gelato I want to try!

This time we went with some beautiful colorful macaroons and a strawberry tart!  Confession….I have never been a macaroon fan but just like to buy them because they are cute and look good in pictures.  I know that’s horrible right!?

Well guess what, I tried the macaroons at La Bonne Vie and ate them all and loved them!  Every flavor was fantastic that we tried!  I loved them so much that we actually went back and purchased some more to eat for later!  It was totally worth it 🙂  The coconut, chocolate and passion fruit were my favorite flavors of the day!  The tart was fantastic too!

One of my favorite things about the cute bakery is the amazing packaging! Each time we bought something, the items were wrapped in a lovely box, tied with a fun bow, and a cute card about the bakery!  I don’t know about you, but I love eating something that comes in a cute package!

Jake and I had a blast exploring the shop and taking some fun pictures to help us remember the moment! If you are ever in Salt Lake and want to enjoy a sweet treat, I highly recommend stopping by and picking one up at La Bonne Vie!


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  1. Jenna Griffin

    This looks so fun! I've actually never been a macaroon fan, either, but I bet if I gave them another try I'd love them. I love everything about y'all's outfits!


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