Rainy Day Style

Rainy Day Style
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Happy Wednesday! Jake and I made these wish lists yesterday while the rain was pounding on the windows.  So of course all we could think about was fun rainy day attire!  
Rain is my all time favorite! I love bundling up and going outside for an adventure, or staying inside and watching movies.  There is something so magical about rain to me!  I also love the sound thunder!  I like to count seconds between thunder and guess how close it is.
Well thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a fantastic day!

12 thoughts on “Rainy Day Style

  1. Shoshana

    Loving those adorable KS gloves. The bow is adorable. Not to mention, I love anything with an anchor (during the summer I sail constantly). This bracelet is so cute. I usually wear Kiel James Patrick but maybe you've changed my buying pattern.



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