Went to bed with a dream and woke up with this cool shirt

kelseybang.com in DC
kelseybang.com in DC
Palladium Boots Camo Baggy Canvas
kelseybang.com in DC
kelseybang.com in DC
kelseybang.com in DC
Everlane Twill Zip Tote
Zara Oversized Slogan Tee
kelseybang.com in DC
Shirt: Bellfield
Jeans: All Saints
Camo Shoes: Palladium Boots
Graphic Tee: Zara
Leopard Shoes: Palladium Boots
Tote Bag: Everlane
Sunglasses: Prada

When Jake and I went to Washington DC we stayed in Georgetown.  Every time we are in DC we find our selves in Georgetown for most of our free time so we decided we would stay there this time!  We were both so glad we did!  We had so much fun having amazing shopping and cupcake joints right outside our hotel door!  I love the cute old colonial style streets and bright colors all around!

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We are currently on some fun adventures in California playing at Disneyland! Make sure to checkout our Instagram to join the fun 🙂 


13 thoughts on “Went to bed with a dream and woke up with this cool shirt

  1. Cara

    It's been ages since I've been to DC! I am aching to go back! I think you should do a post of the hotels you stay at when you travel — review the rooms/service/lounges or restaurants. Love your outfits!

  2. The Real Arnolds

    When we went to DC, I was there for work. We did not make it to Georgetown and I have always regretted it! Looks beautiful in the photos. Love that t-shirt.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. zoe

    I love the shirt, it's ideal. And I had no idea Palladium made printed boots! I love the leopard option, it's such a fun pop of color in this outfit!

    The What's In Between


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