The perfect investment Watch

Today we are excited to share with you a super neat store we recently found online that sells new and used Rolex Watches called  We had so much fun searching the site and finding our perfect dream Rolex watch.  I went with a classic two-tone gold with a white face, and Jake picked out a black leather band.  I actual had no idea that Rolex watches ever came with out a metal band and loved that there is a leather band selection.  It also cuts down on the cost of the watch!
I grew up seeing my parents both wear a Rolex watch every day.  I loved to see how functional they are and how they go with everything!  I have always wanted to get a Rolex watch of my own someday and I think buying a used Rolex would be worth the investment!
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13 thoughts on “The perfect investment Watch

  1. Rosa Mimmino Styleyourselfinstyle

    Great picks!! My first would be the floral shoes (unfortunately way too costly for me)


  2. Alissa

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and more yes! I am looking for a used Rolex and have been so scared about getting a fake one. This post is so timely.


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