Heidi Braids and Floral Slacks

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Asos Reclaimed Vintage Collar Tips
ASOS Super Skinny Smart Pants In Print Co-Ord Menswear
kelseybang.com- a his and her style blog
Neon Pink Kate Spade New York Hand Bag
ASOS Gem Motif Dress
ASOS Gem Motif Dress
kelseybang.com- a his and her style blog
Dress: Asos (obsessed with this Asos Dress!)
Lipstick: Mac-Rebel
Handbag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Seychelles
Shirt: Levis
Collar Tips: Asos
Floral Slacks: Asos
Sneakers: Vans
Jake has been looking for ways to spice up a shirt that is different than a tie or bowtie and recently came across these fun Collar Tips from Asos for only $16.  He thought it was a perfect and affordable way to mix up a shirt, and give it a new look to an outfit!  Asos had a fun selection of Collar Tips and even had some fun ones with chains on them!
I am wearing one of my favorite Kate Spade hand bags my in laws got me last Christmas.  I though it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift! And you know, I LOVE hot pink so I thought it was the perfect gift πŸ™‚  My in-laws also got me these Seychelles heels two Christmases ago! I guess I can thank them for most of my outfit today!
One thing you may not know about me is I went to cosmetology school and even graduated!  I really enjoy doing hair but for some reason doing my hair has always been a struggle.  I am great a putting in extensions and straightening my hair but thats about it.  I am always so grateful for Jake in my life, but I love that he is always so willing to try new things even if its not his cup of tea.  I have been wanting to try some new styles with my hair and love that Jake has helped me with them!  We watched some YouTube videos together on doing braids and Jake tried the Heidi Braids on my hair.  I thought he did a great job πŸ™‚
I always loved being single and independent, and never knew how much I would love being married to Jake.  He has taught me so much on supporting one another and feel so lucky to have him as a husband.  I never thought I would have a husband that loved to do so many of the things I love to do! Or one that is willing to try and braid my hair! hehe I guess that is what marriage is though, taking interests in one another and trying to love and support each other in all you do.
Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a lovely day and weekend coming up πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Heidi Braids and Floral Slacks

  1. Straight A Style

    Those collar tips are cool! I love the detail on your dress Kelsey. Thanks for sharing some more about yourself. I didn't know that about cosmetology school. I think it is so neat that Jake braided your hair. I agree, marriage is all about taking interests in what each other likes. It sure makes it more fun!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Nevena Krstic

    You're both so cute together! It's so sweet of him to do your hair, he did a good job! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Kiki Mincks

    I keep begging my fiance to wear polka dots and florals. He's a stinker! This looks soooo good! Classy, edgy, even a bit vintage with those collar tips. Kelsey, you look amazing as always. I love the bold lips and detailed dress. Even more so that you added a pop of color with your pink Kate Spade bag!

  4. Celine Stantina

    Wow that lipstick looks amazing on you! I really like Jake's collar tips as well! So nice to have a hursband who can do this, I always struggle with my hair and I would love to have a helper at home!

    CΓ©line from Larry & Co.


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