Sparkle and Shine
Blazer: Topman
Shirt: Jcrew
Pocket Square: Weekend Casual
Slacks: Topman
Denim Jacket: Levis
Dress: Jessica Simpson (also here)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Lipstick: Just Peachy

Why hello there!  I have been looking back at our adventure blogging these past few years and can not thank you all enough for your love and support!  Jake and I have always loved taking photos and love that we have a place to channel what we love to do through a blog!  Thank you for joining our journey and helping us along!

Last week Jake and I were in the mood to dress up and go out to dinner and the movies.  I had recently gotten this Jessica Simpson dress and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear it!  It was a little chilly out, so I paired this jacket with a denim jacket.  Denim is the last thing I thought that would go with a sparkly dress, but for some reason when I tried it on together I liked it! The dress is a really cute halter top and has a fun neckline so I feel like it has some versatility in styling!

Jake is wearing a new suit he recently picked up from Topman.  Jake always try to find other places to look for suits but always ends up coming back to Topman.  For the price and slim fits, you can’t beat it!

On our date night, we went to dinner at one of our favorite places for Indian Food.  We ordered a chicken tikka masala and a chicken bryani!  We pigged out and some how were not full yet, so when we were at the movies we got a large popcorn and a box of milk duds!  For some reason I can’t go to the movies with with out popcorn!  The smell every time I walk into the theater of buttery popcorn gets me every time!

At the movies we saw the new Adventurers movie!  It was really action packed! And a little scary… I am a wimp though when it comes to movies.  Jake and I really liked how the movie was more Adventurers working together as a team than individuals.  The plot of the film was easy to follow along to, so that was nice!  There was a lot of scary robots though…

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful week!


25 thoughts on “Sparkle and Shine

  1. Amber Shannon

    Both of you look darling! As always! Lol… I adore your dress. It's the perfect shade of pink, and the sparkle makes it even more perfect! Did you two see the new Avengers movie? I think that's what you meant? If so… I loved that movie! I think the first may have been better… but the second was cool. Did you see Black Widow on the motorcycle? I am officially inspired to learn how to ride and get my license!! Bad*ss chick! Lol

    All the Cute
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  2. Celine Stantina

    First time on your blog and I have to admit that I love it! So nice to see pictures as a couple, it's even more interesting with you two matching so good together!

    Lovely, I will definitely come back soon!


    Céline from Larry & Co.


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