Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs

His and Hers Baggy Palladium Boots in Yellowstone
Baggy M Palladium Boots in Lavender
His and Hers Baggy Palladium Boots
His and Hers Baggy Palladium Boots
Baggy Canvas Palladium Boots in white
Brixon Explorer Hat
Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs
Baggy Canvas Palladium Boots in white
Baggy M Palladium Boots in Lavender
His and Hers Palladium Boots
Jacket: Zara
Jeans: All Saints
Black Kimono: Asos
Tank Top: Lululemon
Leggings: Lululemon (currently back in stock πŸ˜‰
Hat: Brixton
A few months ago Jake and I went to Yellowstone!  It was a first time for both of us going there!  Since we went at the end of April most of Yellowstone was closed, but we did get to the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone so that was neat!  It was freezing outside and so the steam from the hot springs looked really neat!  It was also warmer by the hot springs too, so that was nice!

The parts of Yellowstone we got to drive through and explore were so beautiful! We loved anytime we would see animals on the side of the road, or even crossing the road!  There really was so much beauty all around us there!

Any time we go on exploring adventures, we can not leave the house with out our trusty Palladium Boots!  If you have not noticed, we love Palladium Boots and wear them any chance we get!  We love how comfy the shoes/boots are how they have so many fun styles!  We have worn our boots all over DC, Disneyland, Seattle, hiking, and anywhere we get the chance!  We love having a variety of styles and colors of Palladium Boots depending on what mood we are in!  We love a shoe company that gives us the versatility we need when we are out and about!

I got these lavender Baggy M Palladium Boots recently and have been wearing them often!  Its been raining out a lot at home and so I have been wearing darker clothing and the purple boots add the perfect pop of color to an outfit!  They have these boots in tons of bright macaron colors right now and I have been wanting to get them in every color! They are so fun and bright! You can check out the entire macaron collection HERE.

If you ever want to go exploring, put on some Palladium Boots, they will put you in the mood to go on an adventure! It works every time for me πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a lovely day!

25 thoughts on “Yellowstone Mammoth Hot Springs

  1. A d e l i n e

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I find it so funny because this outfit is kinda similar to mine (black, long coat, hat and purple sneakers) and it was posted on the same day as mine ahah it's awesome. πŸ˜‰ I love this outfit and this blog is really cute with your couple posts πŸ™‚

  2. Jessy

    Those purple boots…!! Prettiest shoes I have ever seen!! Next thing to buy. Check!

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. Gina G

    Those are such fun boots~ I've never been to Yellowstone but it looks awesome. My little bro invited me there for Memorial Day but it's a 14 hour drive from me and I'm already going to UT around the same time. Hope I get to go someday <3

    Pink Wings

  4. Bogi RedReticule

    Amazing photos! I am not sure which one I am more smitten with. Your lilac boots or those amazing leggings. Awesome!
    Red Reticule | Red Reticule Collection

  5. Wishes & Reality

    What an adventure and I'm obsessed with your boots! I have an amazing giveaway up on my blog, I hope you'll check it out!

    Wishes & Reality


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