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ghd limited addition vintage pink 1" flat iron review
ghd limited addition vintage pink 1" flat iron review
ghd limited addition vintage pink 1" flat iron review
ghd limited addition vintage pink 1" flat iron review
ghd limited addition vintage pink 1" flat iron review
When it comes to doing my hair, I’m always looking for the tools that will help me get the best results the fastest.  My hair is something I do not like to spend a lot of time on if I don’t have to. 
 When ghd asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their products I was super excited because I have heard great things about their styling tools!  I got the limited addition vintage pink 1″ flat iron.  I love anything pink so, I think with a cute pink ghd flat iron, I will love doing my hair now!  Everything from the packaging, to opening the flat iron box was a great experience!  All the great online reviews about the 1″ flat iron did not disappoint!
I loved that the flat iron came with a guard to cover the hot part of the flat iron and a carrying case.  Jake and I travel quite a bit and I am always doing my hair last, right before we head out the door.  I always had to wrap my previous flat iron in a towel to take with us.  I’m so excited I now have a super cute pink bag to cover my flat iron and that I can throw it in my suitcase without damaging any of my clothing!
One of the first things I noticed about the flat iron is that it heats up in no time!  It literally takes about 5 seconds to heat up.  A light goes on and it lets you know the flat iron is ready to be used!  The flat iron also has a safety measure built in that after 30 minutes if the flat iron is not being used it will go into sleep mode and turn off.  After I use my flat iron, I always try to make sure to turn it off and unplug it, but I love knowing that if I forget to do that, my flat iron with go into sleep mode and turn off for me!
I have been using my new vintage pink ghd flat iron for a few weeks now and have been loving it.  I have noticed that the flat iron is not as harsh on my hair as my previous one.  My hair after using the ghd flat iron feels smoother than my previous flat iron that left my hair feeling dry.  The ghd flat iron is also super light!  I have really weak wrists, which is one reason I don’t love doing my hair and I love how light my new pink ghd flat iron is.  I can get through straightening all of my hair without my wrists being sore.
I have always been one to spend $200 plus on a high quality flat iron because I think they are product to invest in if you are using it daily.  ghd has a two-year manufacture’s warranty on their flat irons so you can buy with confidence knowing what you buy will last.  
After using the ghd 1″ flat iron,  I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a new styling tool!  Plus the vintage pink and gold ghd flat iron is a limited edition, so I would jump on it before its gone 🙂
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Thanks ghd for partnering in this post.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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