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His and Her Fall Fashion
Dress: Donna Morgan (currently 40% off!)
Purse: Kate Spade
Heels: Jimmy Choo
Shirt: Jcrew
Jeans: All Saints
Hello! The weather here has been oh so cold this past week.  Like super breezy and cold out, but sadly no snow! We have had a couple snow flurries, but nothing that has stuck around, so I am wearing my heels until the snow falls!  It was so windy one day this week that a street sign by our house flew off and disappeared into the wind!  And it was a big 2 way street sign too!
On Tuesday night, Jake and I went out for a date night and wore these looks.  We went out for an early date while it was still sunny out, so we decided to wear our new sunglasses we picked up from  Jake and I are a sucker for wearing something matching when we go out!  We loved these Ray-Bans and loved that we were able to get fun shiny colorful lenses.

For our date night we went out for Indian food!  We love Indian food and could eat it for every meal.  We got our favorites of a chicken briyani and a chicken tikka masala! We then came home and watched The Great British Bakeoff.  We enjoy watching that show and end up watching the episodes over and over 😉

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful day!


25 thoughts on “The Terminator

  1. Kathy McCarthy

    I love your date night outfits. I love both of your shoes and your coats. You both look great from head to toe. It's just gotten cold here in Chicago as well. I think we also got the same wind storm you got as well. I hate the wind. It always makes it feel 10 times colder. I hope you both stay warm.


  2. Rachael Thomas

    I'm loving these looks, especially your trench coat! I love that you both try to match in some way. Whenever my husband and I go out and end up putting something similar on, he always changes because he never wants to match me. While I think it's cute!

  3. Straight A Style

    You guys always find the best photo locations! I am loving your printed dress with those heels! I'm trying to wear non-boots as long as possible too. Glad you all got to have a fun date!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Lisa Marie

    Gorgeous looks… the both of you! Really love your dress and all of its lovely colors.

    Stay fab,
    Lisa Favre


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