Four Seasons Las Vegas

Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel Front Entrance
Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel Front Entrance
Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel Front Entrance
Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel Front Entrance

Dress: Xscape
Tights: Hue
Lipstick: Mac-RubyWoo

Shirt: Jcrew

Right before Christmas, Jake and I had the fun opportunity to visit the Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel.  This hotel is a hidden gem on the strip!  It is located at the beginning of the strip by the Famous Las Vegas Sign.  We took these pictures at the front entrance of the hotel next to the valet.
With the amazing location of the hotel, the strip views from the rooms are breath-taking!  Jake and I love Las Vegas and tend to visit here quite a bit, and have never stayed at a place with view like this!  It was so fun to see the entire strip at night-time and see all the neon lights.   We loved the lights so much at night that we never shut the blinds in our room and feel asleep to the city lights.
The hotel was festive for the upcoming Christmas occasion and had a unique gingerbread display and lovely decorated tree.  We had to take a picture by them because it was so pretty tucked in the spiral stair case.
I got this Xscape beaded dress a few months ago and had been saving it for the perfect occasion…like a trip to Vegas.  I might wear this dress on New Years too, I loved it so much!  I have a few beaded dresses and was very impressed with the quality of this one.  It wasn’t too heavy and after an entire evening of wearing the dress and having it packed in and out of my suit case, none of the beads came loose.
We are excited to share more with you from our adventures at the Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel this week!  Make sure to stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by today!
Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel at Christmas Time

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    This looks so lovely. Also your outfits are amazing! Super festive.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!
    Project NW | Christmas In Pictures


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