Put a Pretzel on It!

cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review
cole haan grand review

Top: Ann Taylor | Purse: Patricia Chang | Slacks: Ann Taylor | Heels: Cole Haan | Lipstick: Mac- Tangerine Dream

Suit: Jcrew | Tie: Jcrew | Shirt: Jcrew | Shoes: Cole Haan

 We consider ourselves super-lucky that we were able to try out the new GRANDREVØLUTION line from Cole Haan that is being released today thanks to Cole Haan!  Just the other night these shoes were perfect to dress up for a fun/classy date night together.

The GRANDREVØLUTION shoes are so well crafted and make amazing use of the GRAND.ØS technology.   This technology was specially developed to create the lightest and comfortable shoe ever to grace your feet. We especially loved how even with the intricate design and light-weight technology, the shoes looked slim and non-complicated.

Jake really liked the laser cut leather pattern on his pair and the rich golden-brown color was really unique compared to his other dress shoes.  I myself am very particular when it comes to heels since sometimes you don’t know how long you’ll be on your feet or walking all day.  These Cole Haan shoes are seriously one of my top heels rated on style and comfort combined.

I was surprised after wearing the heels all night, I was not dying to take them off and felt like I could keep walking around in them!  We have a few weddings coming up and I will be making sure to bring these heels with me!  I am super big fan of finding something I love, and getting them in every color, so I might need to add a few of these heels to my shopping cart 🙂

I have been wearing this pretzel purse almost everyday!  I bought it to be like a fun bag to randomly take out, and I have loved it so much I have ended up using it almost everyday for the past 2 weeks!  Plus…its kinda of fun to see a pretzel every time I get something out of my bag!

If you haven’t recently, create an opportunity to dress up, go out on the town and take in some classical music or eat at a fancy restaurant.  And make sure to order the chocolate lava cake for desert because you deserve it!  Especially lava cake.  Never a bad choice!

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  1. Jackie

    Oh that bag is super cute! Cole Haan shoes are always so comfy. I have a feeling you'll get lots of use out of these.

    xo, jackie


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