A Taste of Spring Style

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Spring Style is coming up!  We have been slowly stocking up on a few new favorites to help us dive into the weather when it arrives.  Here are a few ideas to help when purchasing items for your wardrobe this spring.

Ideas to add to your wardrobe for Spring Style

  • Denim Jacket or blazer-  It is nice to have light layers to add when the weather is still a little brisk out!
  • Nail Polish- It will be time to bust out the sandals, so a fresh polish is great to show off your cute toes.
  • Sunglasses- A great way to spice up an outfit and add a little flare.
  • Statement Jewelry or Bag- Spring time is time to bust out the fun!  Try a cool handbag or statement necklace to add to your everyday outfits.
  • Color- Time for bright colors to be added to the wardrobe.  Get excited for spring by adding a bright color with a neutral.

8 thoughts on “A Taste of Spring Style

  1. the cape on the corner

    oh my gosh, that camel purse. my aunt and uncle bought me a camel figure from their trip to israel when i was a baby. it’s something i’ve always kept and cherished, yet had in the closet. but as an adult who has now traveled there and loves travel inspired, collected looking decor, i’m proudly displaying it on my end table! this could be its twin!


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