3 Places Treats you MUST try at Disneyland! + Ultimate Food Guide to Disneyland

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The Ultimate Disney Food Guide! 

Jk..but here are our some ideas for places to eat!  I am always getting asked where to eat at Disneyland.  This is super honest guide to our all time favorite eats at Disneyland.  There are a million places to eat and try, so I listed ones we have actually eaten at, have tried and liked something there.  This list will be overwhelming… so I highlighted my top DO NOT MISS favs in GREEN.  That means… GO here, or else you will miss out! 🙂
DISNEYLAND- Don’t leave the park without eating these 3 TREATS!
1. Fruit Skewer.  It is a pineapple wedge dipped in dark chocolate and is amazing!  Not too juicy or messy, but tastes amazing! Available at the bakery on Main Street, Poohs Corner and at California Adventure main street bakery as well.
2. Olaf Marshmallow Skewer.  Looks like Olaf the snowman.  It is 3 marshmallows dipped in caramel, then white chocolate.  I don’t even like marshmallows, but Olaf tastes amazing! Get one! Available at the bakery on Main Street, Poohs Corner and at California Adventure main street bakery as well.  Some people like the Tiger Tales more, but I like Olaf because he doesn’t have all the sprinkles.
3. Matterhorn Macaron.  Tastes like a coconut girl scout cookie but looks like the Matterhorn.  Only available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.
1. Dole Whip! It is a classic.  Located at the Tikki Room.  Do not wait in the outside line.  Go in like you are going to the show, and there is a line in there to get Dole whips that is always shorter than the outside line!  Then you can take your dole whips in the Tikki Room and enjoy the show!
2. Churros. Always a must!  The best churro stand though is at The Haunted Mansion.  For some reason they taste the best at that one.  But its a good place for a churro stop because there is also a popcorn cart and cinnamon roll cart.  The cinnamon rolls can feed an entire family and are super gooey and good!
3. Mint Julep Bar.  Right next to the New Orleans Train Stop.  It is a quick stop to get Mint Julep Drinks and also some tasty Bengeints. They are kind of like a friend donut.  You can also get these if you do a sit down lunch/dinner at the New Orleans Cafe.
4. Pickles.  There are a few stands that have fruits and veggies.  The big Pickles are always super good! And a kid eating a giant pickle? I don’t know whats cuter than that!
5. Maurices Stand- Located at the Princess Theater on the Left of the front of the Castle.  They have a boysenberry freeze drink that is a must for Jake.  He loves it!  The drink is like a slushy apple flavor with a pomegranate whipped cream on top.  I like to get the chocolate twist there.
6.  Bakery Treat Musts.  The giant cookies. They don’t look good, but they taste pretty great!  The one with the white chocolate, and chocolate chips is fantastic!  I am not sure what these cookies are called but they are about one inch high and 6 inches wide.  I heard the smores dipped in chocolate and the peanut butter squares are fantastic!  Still have not tried that because we are obsessed with the Fruit Skewers and Olaf skewers!  We really love the rice crispy treats!  Try to get ones with white chocolate vs. milk chocolate.  They taste better 🙂
DISNEYLAND- Quick Places to Eat but Tasty! 
1. Corn Dog Cart–  On the Right of main street at the end.  If there is a line, it moves super quick.  Best corn dogs around.  They are huge and big enough to split. Same corn dogs as the Corn Dog Castle at California Adventure.
2. Jolly Holiday Bakery.  Located right after main street on the left.  They have sandwiches, soups and salads,  We have like everything we  have tried there.  The grilled cheese with soup, and the caprese sandwich are my favorites.  Don’t forget to get a Matterhorn Macaroon while you are there.  I heard the red Mickey mouse shaped macaron with the rasberries inside is an amazing treat but have never tried it.
3. Bangled Bbq.  Right across from Indian Jones.  This is one place we do not like to miss. And its probably the most healthy quick food stop in both parks.  They have chicken and beef skewers, asparagus wrapped in bacon skewer, and also a awesome veggie skewer.  They are all delicious!  There is also Mickey pretzels and cheese available there.
4. Bread Bowls.  Located next the right of the Pirates ride.  My favorite is the Steak Gumbo, Jake loves Calm Chowder.  Bowls big enough for 2 people to split if you get dessert after 🙂 (Maybe mint juleps right after at the Mint Julep stand?!)
5. Village Haus Restaurant- Located in Fantasy Land to the left of the carousel.  They have tasty flat bread pizza here.
6. Pizza Port- Located by Space Mountain in TomorrowLand.  Deep Dish Pizza. Not the best ever, but always a win with the kids.  The salads are pretty tasty here.

7. Hungry Bear Restaurant.  Next to Splash Mountain line.  We really like the fried green tomato sandwich and they have sweet potato fries.  All the seating is by the water, and its a perfect place to sit back and relax.  There is tons of seating too so on a not so crowed day you can have the area to your self.

8. Mint Julip Bar-  Right next to New Orleans Train Station Exit or across from the Haunted Mansion ride.  To-go Mint Julip Drinks (they are virgin drinks 🙂 and beginets.  If you have time for a sit down meal you can get these as well at New Orleans Cafe and the beginets are in the shape of Mickey!

DISNEYLAND- Sit Down Restaurants  (good to make reservations at these at the beginning of the day or in advance!)
1. Carnation Cafe- Located on main street.  More expensive, but the food is fantastic. The fried pickles are a must!!  If you time it right and eat dinner there during the parade, ask to eat outside.  Its the perfect spot to watch the light parade and eat your din din.  I heard brunch here is fantastic but we have never eaten there for breakfast.
2. Plaza Inn- Perfect place to do a character dining for breakfast.  Located to the right of Main Street. Mickey, Minnie and friends come around to each table and say hi while you eat your breakfast. You can get all the pictures you want with the characters while eating an all you can eat breakfast buffet!  They have Mickey Mouse Pancakes and any breakfast food you can dream of.
3. New Orleans Cafe.  To the Right of Pirates of the Carribean. Get the Mint Julep Drink, Beignets (like tasty fried donut goodness) and the pomme frites are the bomb.com.  Pomme frites are like garlic, cheesy fries with an amazing dipping sauce.  Here they have the famous Monte Cristo sandwich.  Its sounds like a weird sandwich on the menu but its amazing! Get it, and split it with everyone at the table!  No joke, it will feed 4 adults. If you were only going to do one sit down dinner at the park, I would recommend doing it at the New Orleans Cafe because they have several must get foods here.  I really like the chicken gumbo here as well.
4. The Blue Bayou.  Located in Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. Entrance to the right of the ride, or exit of the ride.  I would make reservations in advance.  The steak gumbo here is fantastic (different than what is at the bread bowls gumbo).  They also have the motne cristo sandwich here.  Like most places at Disneyland, the meals are big enough to split.  Share a meal and ask for an extra plate. Eating here is more of the environment of being inside the pirates ride.  At christmas time they have a dessert that is a lava cake with peppermint ice cream… I seriously crave this dessert! Its AMAZING!
5. Big Thunder Ranch Bbq. To the left of Fantsyland, behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.  All you can eat bbq ribs, chicken, beans…anything bbq.  Great for big groups.  The smores dessert is fantastic! Also if you are over here, go pet the cute goats and get a picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus! Sadly the petting zoo area will be closing for the opening of Star Wars Land.
1. Ghiardelli Soda Shop– Located on the pier to the right of Cars Land.  Just a simple ice cream cone with ice cream is tasty there.  I love the mint chip ice cream in a sprinkle waffle cone. Jake is obsessed with the brownie sundae with vanilla ice cream there.  The sundae is huge and can feed 3.  If jakes hungry he will eat the whole thing himself. Also next door is the bread factory, and that is fun to walk though and see how they make sour dough bread.  Its a tour you can go on your own pace and walk though and get a free bread sample.
2. Churro Bites/ Pretzel Bites at the Cozy Cone Motel. At Cars Land on the left hand side.  The Cozy Cone has a bunch of different food cones.  The churro bites come with dipping sauces and are mini churros that are fun to try.  The Pretzel bites are my fav.  They are super fluffy and chewy and come with cheese dipping sauce.  They also have a pop-cone stand there.  You can get popcorn there that comes in fun flavors.
CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE- Quick Places to Eat but Tasty!
1. Corn Dog Castle– Corn dogs are huge and big enough for 2-3 people to split.  They are off the charts amazing!  I like to ask for mine a little well done so the bread is crispy and delicious!
2. Cozy Cone Motel- Chilli Cone Queso. Located in Cars Land.  Its the giant orange cones, cant miss it.  Left hand side of Cars Land.  It has a bunch of different lines for different foods.  The chilli cone queso is a must!  Its a bread bowl in the shape of cone filled with fritos, chilli and cheese.  They also have a mac and cheese one that I liked, Jake didn’t like it as much as the chilli.  And they have a pulled pork one now as well.  Its pretty much a cup full of meat! Its a sweet pork.  The chilli one is the best though.

1. Aerials Grotto.  Not the best food on the plant but ok.  They have under the sea character dinning with princesses, but its a perfect place to eat during the Wonderful World of Color Water Light show at the park.  Reservations in advance!


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3 Places Treats you MUST try at Disneyland! + Ultimate Food Guide to Disneyland