About Us

Jake and Kelsey Bang are the brains and brawn behind the fun His & Her lifestyle blog KelseyBang.com and youtube channel Hang With the Bangs.

Featuring their playful personalities and creative photo locations (all shot by themselves and a trusty tripod) their goal in life is to find travel hotspots, explore fun cool places, and eat exotic food  – all this while helping promote positivity and love!

Combining their diverse backgrounds in photography, cosmetology, fashion, neuroscience and business, they specialize in social media growth and brand marketing strategies.

With their fun, positive, outgoing personality, they’ve developed working relationships with brands such as Disney, Levi’s, Palladium Boots, Joules, Bose, Johnston and Murphy, and Cole Haan.

Currently pregnant with two baby twin girls from IVF arriving in October 2019!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great day!