Christmas Day!!!

Christmas morning, We got to go to church. It was great! Church was only an hour and a half long and was a wonderful musical presentation. I like having Christmas on Sunday. Gives more of a reminder that the day really is about Christ and not presents.

When we got home, everyone got back in there pjs and Santa had come…..I guess Santa could only find a bag to put Jakes stuff in…

I thought the Santa Lego set was so cute! Jake got a HEX Bug and it is so cool! Reid literally chased it around for hours.

                                Who needs presents when you have funner playing with a bag?!

Eating breakfast.

Merry Christmas! Mallory and I sorted out all the presents for everyone and got to unwrapping! Thanks everyone for a great Christmas. I am surprised as I am getting older, I like watching people open presents better than getting them. Don’t get me wrong…I love presents, but its so fun to see others expressions!

Christmas night, we packed up the car and got everything ready to head home. It was bitter sweet. Then we all watched Christmas movies and ate candy! It was a wonderful Christmas 🙂 Thanks everyone.

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