LEGO: The Black Pearl!!! (4184)

For Christmas Jake got this Pirates Black Pearl Ship! He was so excited about it! So tonight for date night, we refinished some furniture, ate PF Changs, watched lots of movies, and Jake put together his Pirate ship all by himself! He did an awesome job! It only took him about 3 hours! That was fast for 804 pieces!

 Tuna helping Jake put the ship together.

 Working on the ship. So many little pieces….

 Ta Da! The finished product! Way to go Jake!

 Legos are a crack up. The little characters are so funny and really fun to play with!

 Captain Tuna.

Captain Jack Sparrow in the bottom deck looking on the map and having a drink.

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  1. Shane Killa-Kasch Rickard

    Kelsey……. You are a great wife to do watch your husband build Legos on date night. This kind of brought a tear to me eye because I have a secret l ove for Legos. Ps I miss you. Pss good thing the one year I ended up not getting a pass the snow gods decided to forget about utah.


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