a quilt that took FOREVER to make!

Last Christmas, Aimee and I got together to make our first quilt. I decided to do a quilt that was going to take way to long…. and just barley finished it this Christmas (a year later) because I decided not to really finish it… If that makes sense. Here was the top of my quilt, and I was making huge pop out flowers I would have had to hand sew onto this blanket after it was quilted. After struggling with the back of this quilt and finding the right fabric for it and making large flowers that took forever, I decided after I got the quilt quilted I was no longer going to make the pop out flowers for it. I am happy with that decision! Maybe someday I will venture to make a pop out quilt, but for now….no way!

This blanket is huge! I think It would fit really nicely on a queen size bed.

Now that the quilt is all done, I like that it is simplistic and no big flowers on it. I think it would be fun to make this quilt with a “layer cake” and have all fun different fabric squares. Then there would also be no cutting, and it would just look cute and have a variety of fun fabrics. You can usually never go wrong with simple and easy fun.


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  1. Megan Hollenback

    i am so proud of you! i have been wanting to make a jean quilt. i have been cutting squares for some time now. do you have any tips on how to do this? i've never done it before i know i just want one 🙂 with flannel on the other side!


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