round 2 at the Tulip Festival!

Last Saturday after we got everything all cleaned up from the Queen Bee Boutique Market, since we were already at Thanksgiving Point, we all (mom and the Laubaughs) headed over to the Tulip Festival! The tulips were so beautiful the first time we saw them, but oh wow! They were even more beautiful this time! The sun was shinning and making the tulips so happy! They were all out and open and so beautiful!
Going into the Secret Garden.

LOVED the hot pink flowers!

I feel I kinda look like Elton John in this picture. haha

Tuney and the Tulips.

Visiting the pond.

Playing in the grass.

While at the Tulip Festival, we randomly saw our really good family friends the Ryan’s. They were up here for graduation and we randomly bumped into them! It was great! We also ran into my cousin Taylor and her husband Lance. We had some fun reunions while seeing the tulips.

It was another awesome day at the Tulip Festival! If you live in the area, and haven’t had the chance to go, GO! It is open till April 28th 🙂


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