Ready for Fall – A His and Her Wishlist

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I know we still have another month or so of summer, but colder weather and layers is just around the corner!!! Fall is the perfect time to start mixing up your wardrobe by adding onto your current summer looks.  A neutral Fall Dress is the perfect place to start since we’re going to layer it with fun accessories! I’ve been in love with these types of leather Backpacks, they just look so dang cute!  Don’t forget to get a matching leather Belt. For the Earrings, I decided to style something dangly and fun with soft colors. Keeping up with the dangling objects, I have to say that I love Shopbop’s selection of fun Key Fobs.  You can put them on your actual keys or I like clipping them onto my purse. Finish it off with some casual Sneakers so your feet don’t get cold and some bold Sunglasses to keep from squinting in those cooler sunsets.
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Fall time for Jake is all about those woodland colors!  He started with a clean pair of Sneakers, nothing too bold.  A Briefcase is a classy alternative to a backpack and much more “mature” for commuting to and from work while still being able to carry his laptop and Headphones comfortably.  The Watch he picked out has a leather band since that matches nicely with his rustic feel. He grabbed a soft canvas Ball Cap to keep his hair dry from the occasional rains and some mirror Aviator Sunnies for good measure.  Jake is all about mixing up his Wallets too, even though it’s only seen on occasion, the subtle craftsmanship always stands out in a good way.

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Ready for Fall – A His and Her Wishlist