After a long trip being away from home…like a whole month…it feels so nice to be home. I am so proud of Jake, he kept the house so clean while I was gone. I had such wonderful time with my family, friends and holidays, but it sure does feel so nice to be back home. I am soooooooo looking forward to hitting the ski slopes ASAP and reorganizing the house! Sometimes I get in go mood, and want to change things up…so that is this weeks plan for our home! Time to put decorations away and reorganize! I need to find places for Jake and I to put our bikes up on our stands to we can ride them because it is way to cold out side for me to ride. I also want to repaint some furniture! I am ready for some more color, because outside it is to cold to see lots of color out there during this time of year 🙂

 Tuesday when we got home, Jake was so excited and wanted me to open MORE christmas presents! Jake is toooo much. He is always so thoughtful!

Wahoo, some new book series and huge pirates LEGO sets!  Let the pirate battle begin! Party! Jake even got me a cool Hello Kitty Alarm clock (so I will actually wake up and not sleep in till noon everyday…) and a music stand. I played the violin growing up and Jake really wants me to get back into it. I agree, it would be a waste if I didn’t and need to start playing again, so he is scheduling at least one week night of music playing each week for us to practice instruments. That should be fun! Hopefully we actually do it and stick with it.

For dinner we tried a new place in town called Firehouse Subs. We had a good experience. We both liked the subs we got and will go again someday.

Wednesday was a very productive day. You know those days you feel on a roll and so energized and keep going? Today was one of those days! I got done everything, and more I wanted to! It was amazing! Maybe thats what happens when I don’t sleep in……. I got all my Christmas decorations packed up. I forgot I made a tone of these snow globes and never got to use them this year! Well, next year for sure!

When Jake got home, for some reason I was on a kick and wanted to make 72 hour kits. Its been something on my mind for a while and all of a sudden a felt the urge and want to do it…so I did. I rummaged the house and found things that would work for them and then made a grocery list of things to get to finish the kits off. Jake and I went to Walmart and then came home and packed our backpacks full of items for our 72 hour kits! Wahoo! Something I have really wanted to do finally checked off my list!

 After Jake and I finished our 72 hour kits, we went to the always delicious Cold Stone. We got our favorite, “Cookie don’t you want some,” but we got oatmeal cookie batter instead of what it comes with!

When Jake and I got home from Christmas we had a stack of mail. In that stack was a cute package with my name on it! I was so surprised and excited! It was from a cute friend name Alisa! Alisa and I got to do a study abroad trip together years ago and really enjoyed spending time together! We have been friends ever sense! She was so cute and knows I love to read and sent me this book! I am so excited! I started to read it and it is so fun! I had never heard of this book, and I called my mom to tell her about it, and she said she read it and really liked it! So thank you so much Alisa! You are the best ever! Alisa is now officially my new pen pal! 🙂


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