Happy Halloween!!!

Wow, I cant believe it is Halloween already! The year is passing by way to soon! I just barley got good at remembering the year is 2012! Well, I went through some old pictures from to look for some Halloween photos from when Jake and I first met back in 2009… The above picture is the first time Jake and I ever hung out. We played with my friends and we all went around the neighborhood knocking on peoples doors. It was fun 🙂 I was in hair school at the time, and was always collecting mannequin heads.

I really wanted to be a gorilla…..and why I am not wearing shoes to Target?

Jake and I on Halloween 2010. Check out Tuna in his bunny outfit!

Last year 2011, we had fun at Disneyland a few times with my family, Mickeys Halloween Party with Jakes parents, and Jake and I having our first Halloween Party together! We also finally made Tuna and a friend a pumpkin costume! This year, I am sad we are moving on Halloween. Its my favorite holiday! I wanted to have a party so bad! I guess we always have the next year to look forward to!

This year (2012) we got to go to Disneyland and Mickeys Halloween party with my cute mom, run a Halloween 1/2 marathon to enjoy the holiday season! I love Halloween! This is also our 3rd year being pumpkins. We will have to do something else next year! Pumpkins have just been so easy, convient and fun! Next year I for sure want to carve pumpkins, go to a pumpkin patch and go on a hay ride, and of course, Mickeys Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween! Hope you have a great one today, and have had fun celebrating all month long! Wahoo!

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  1. erica[goodjobmomma]

    hahaha please be creepy mannequin head people again. oh man, i remember doing that with my sister when she was in beauty school too! so funny!!!

    happy moving day!!! i hope everything goes well and you enjoy your first night in your new home!


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