The Melting Pot

Its always a great day when its Friday! Well, went and did a bunch of paper work at college today to find out how I can finish up to graduate next fall! Ok it will now be next winter. Oh well, Wahoo! My uncle works on campus so I went and said hello to him! He is an amazing uncle! Its so nice to have family around to be with and know that are there! I am so grateful for family and how no matter what, they are always there for you and love you. Jake and I are celebrating valentines day today, and all weekend so I heart attacked his room! I cut out a couple hundred hearts and wrote funny inside jokes on them. I felt like there were so many hearts, but when they went up on the walls, not so many. Ha ha then put all his favorite candies next to a giant stuffed animal squid I made for him last week. Every Friday I go snowboarding but I seem to be sick a lot latley and I threw up so, I thought it may not be the best idea to go. So I have been a bum, lounging around, eating starburst jellybeans, watched “encino man” and Dr. Oz. He kind of looks like my uncle I visited today. But I learned that if your tired or fatigued, sniff a lemon scent, do not push the snooze button, just get up and take a daily vitamin before a big meal. I also learned its important to wear sunscreen, a daily moistureizer and sleep on your back to stay looking younger longer. I also think drinking lots of h2o should be on that list. Jake came over after work and he brought me flowers! He got me gerber daisies, and didn’t even know that they were my favorite! And he got them all in my favorite colors. We then did another layer of paper mashae on our piggy banks and started to spray paint them fluorescent pink! I usually spray paint things inside because I am scared to go outside by myself but since jake was here I opened the window. Bad idea, spray paint dust went everywhere and on everything so it created and unnecessary mess on my part. Then we went to the “melting pot” for dinner. It was a great time of cheese, meats and chocolate! We got the turtle chocolate fondue with dark chocolate and it was fantastic!

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  • Kimball
    February 14, 2010

    Kelsey, I have cut out hearts with/for Cameron and Wesley and driven 1 hour away to put tons of hearts on someones front yard! I am so happy that someone finally did it for one of my boys. Thanks Sue

    PS I don't have a gmail account so I had to use kims

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The Melting Pot