Fish Tails and Aztec Slacks

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HIS- Shirt: Jcrew | Pants: Zara | Sandals: Zara

HERS- Top: Asos (on sale!) | Jeans: Kill City | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Prada | Purse: Kate Spade | Bracelets: Forever 21 | Lipstick: MAC- Viva Glam Nikki 2

Weeks ago, Jake was so excited to tell me about an article he read on “fish tails are coming back.” He has told me everyday since, how excited he is, and even sooo excited about it, we both order a few clothing items with fish tails on them.  I was shocked we actually both found clothing with fish tails on them, but I guess you could say we are hooked! To cheesy of a pun?! 🙂 There are many styles of the fish tail clothing coming out, but we have mainly seen it them on coats. Would you try out a fish tail?!


6 thoughts on “Fish Tails and Aztec Slacks

  1. Bridgette Nicole

    Love your outfits!! Fish tails? Interesting! I will have to see what you guys got!! Loving that background, skis are my favorite! <3

  2. Purely Poised

    This look is so fabulous! I love both yours and your husbands. Your blog is amazing and I love that you do it with your hubs, so cute! Keep it up!:)
    Courtney Rae


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