Campfire Smores
Campfire Smores
Campfire Smores
The Perfect Roasted Marshmallow

(cute mini at home indoor smores kit)
This summer I got to spend a lot of time with my family and have not even looked at all the pictures I have taken since there are so many to go through! I  love taking pictures and am constantly taking them and I always take too many so it is overwhelming to go through them.  I just need to start going through photos right away.  I am going to try and post a few more fun trip photos in the next few months.

These pictures are from a fun time with my sister Hayley, her juicy kids, and my mom and dad at the cabin.  There is nothing better to me than cabin life!  I love sitting on the balcony and enjoying the outdoors and reading a good book!  My mom really enjoys the outdoors so she is always getting us to go on hikes.  A week at the cabin is never enough!  Jake and I are counting down the days till we get to go play at the cabin again!

One night at the cabin we made smores on the balcony.  Little Lindy and Reid were cracking me up roasting marshmallows!  They were so excited for their marshmallows to get warm and were even more excited when their marshmallows caught on fire 🙂


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