Long Beach Aquarium, PF Changs, the Pool, and Thriftys Ice Cream

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On Memorial Day, we got to go to the Long Beach Aquarium!

I couldn’t help myself taking pictures of Jake and the boys walking to the aquarium (and all day)! They were just all sooo cute!

Getting ready to watch a film on penguins.

At the shark pool, petting some sharks.

Brandon was super scared to pet the sharks in the begging, but he was crying by the time we left because he did not want to stop petting the sharks 😉

Check out these cool big sharks!

Checking out some pretty birds!

Brandon trying to get a bird to come on his arm.

A bird landed on Jakes arm!

Love birds 🙂

Walking over to see some penguins!

Penguins and polar bears are Bryces favorite animals at the moment.

I have never seen a duck with a blue bill! He was so cute!

Petting some sting rays.

Invisible fish………

Hanging out underneath the penguin habitat.

Stretching starfish! Oh so cute!

Giant King Crabs!

A baby shark in his egg! How neat is this!! You can see the baby growing!

How nice to be small and make your self comfortable where ever you are. 

Can you tell Brandon was loving the aquarium?

This is quite interesting….

Dragon horse

Someone was getting a little tired.

Touching moon Jellies! I have never touched a moon jelly before! It was awesome!

Our last goodbye to all the fish.

For lunch we headed to PF Changs! OHHHH YUMMY! I LOVE it there!
Around the Pike.
After a great day at the aquarium, we topped it off at the pool. I love Brandon jumping in this picture!

My cute mom!

For dinner, Amber and John were so sweet and got us chicken wings and pizza hut! OOOH YUMMY!

Then Jake and I went to Walmart to run some errands. I got a cone!

I wanted more ice cream after my cone…so we went to Thrifty! This was Jakes first time going to Thrifty Ice Cream! He got animal cookie flavor (random) and he LOVED it! I love a lot of their flavors, but chocolate malted crunch will always have my heart.

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  • Emily
    June 13, 2012

    whoaaa i feel like i was on the tour with y'all! those pics were awesome! touching the jellyfish!?! and the invisible fish! and the stretching starfish! and lovebirds really love each other?!? I'm so fascinated!
    p.s. the boys are PRECIOUS!

  • Stephanie Lin
    June 13, 2012

    Oh my word the Long Beach Aquarium is probably my favorite place of all time. I practically lived there my senior year of high school! It looks like everyone had a great time. Is the moon jellies tank new? I don't think I've seen it before!

one last walk on the beach
Long Beach Aquarium, PF Changs, the Pool, and Thriftys Ice Cream