A touch of Minted at Home

Minted Framed Art Work Review
It’s been three years since we’ve built our home and since then we have not hung up one thing on our walls.  We have loved the clean walls with nothing on them, but it has been time for a change!  Jake and I have had the bug to start adding some art to our home and making our home feel more like home.
We ordered these three prints in the pictures from Minted and loved how they added a touch of originality to our home.  We had no idea by adding a little art to our home, how it has made our home feel so cozy and very personal!
My favorite thing about ordering art from Minted was being able to get the prints framed.  I loved that we could pick out a unique frame that would match the space where we picked for the picture.  Jake had his eye on this copper metal frame.   I love how it turned out with the ocean print.
One thing that is super cool about Minted is everything on their site is designed and created by independent artists.  Jake and I love being able to be creative in our careers and love supporting other artists by hanging their work in our home!
Minted Framed Art Work Review
Minted Framed Art Work Review
Beach Art Print: Minted (Metal Copper Frame 54″x40″)
Animal Head Planters: Anthropologie
 Faux Fur Blanket: Restoration Hardware (similar)
Large Rhino Head: (similar)
Wood Plater: Target
Cooper Mugs: Target
Couch: Similar
Minted Framed Art Work Review
Cactus Art: Minted (Whitewashed Herribone Frame 18″x24″)
Fedora Hats: Goorin Bros
Minted Framed Art Work Review
Beatle Art Print: Minted (Distressed Indigo Stain 18″x24″)
Minted Art Work Review
Minted Art Work Review
Minted Art Work Review
Place Mats: Minted
Whale Print Napkins: Minted
 Candlestick Holders, Dishes: Ikea
Wall Anchor: (similar, similar)
Silverware: Target
Table: Restoration Hardware
Minted teamed up with some talented designers to create some beautiful home products!  I grew up with my mom always having a table set.  That is something I have done for most of our marriage is try to have a cute table set.  I was so excited when I saw Minted had darling table linens that came in all colors and sizes!  Super fun!
Minted Framed Art Work Review
Sweater: Levi’s
Jeans: All Saints
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25 thoughts on “A touch of Minted at Home

  1. Janel

    Just came across this post and what a lovely surprise to see my Rocky Coast print from Minted featured in your home! Love your style!

  2. Sophie Atieno

    Your home looks really amazing.I love the new artistic pieces.It really was time for a change because this change is great

  3. Emily Stephens

    Wonderful post! I love the copper frame, it looks so beautiful on the crisp walls. I also love your dress, so gorgeous hehe! Thanks for sharing!

    xxxx from Emily // diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com

  4. Julia Mazzucato

    I love Minted! I'm redecorating now and planning to buy a couple prints for my living room. Your home is so fun, and I love the bright pops of color that you incorporated into the decor, like your tableware.
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

  5. Ella Pinto

    I don't know what I'm more in love with on this post. I think you have a wonderful sense of style, especially when it comes to decoration, and it's something that inspires me quite alot as everything looks so perfect and I'm actually looking forward to remodelling my room in the future.

    Love the prints! Really have a way of complementing the room.
    Ella Pinto xx


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