Disney Day 3!!!

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Day 3! This was our last day to play at Disneyland! We had been having the funnest time ever, we were thinking of going more, but three days of Disneyland all day is a bit tiring! Oh so worth it though. The last day just Jake and I went, and it happened to land on our officially day of dating for one month, even though realistically we have been dating alot longer than that. haha We had mapped out all the spots we had missed and wanted to go play on. We made a goal to go on every ride at least 3 times. We were so tired because there were no lines, when we got off a ride, we would run back to the same ride and keep riding it. Feburary is defiantly the best time of the year to go to Dland.
Hanging out at Tarzan’s Treehouse with R2D2, and Yoda backpacks. All day we kept getting comments from our matching backpacks. We even had people come up to us and ask if they could take pictures of us. A funny, great day!
This was round one on Thunder Mountain. This is one of my favorite rides. I always feel bad for the person who is sitting next to me though, because no matter what I seem to tourer them the entire ride by tickling them or harassing them. It provides for some good entertainment. Jake happened to be this victim almost every time on this ride. bahaha
This was by round three. We were getting headaches, but sooooo worth it!
Yes, all the pictures look the same, but this is in Indiana Jones. Wahoo! We went on this ride 5 times in a row! It is one of our favorite rides.
The best part about Disneyland is the food, and Mickey themed! We decided all the things we didnt get a chance to eat, we will eat all today! Mickey pretzels with cheese! Yum!
Star Tours is Jake’s favorite. Bryce tried to get us to go on this ride over and over again. This ride I could not do on our 3 time rule.
Walking to Star Tours. Wahooooooo! Headache here we come. But its still a fun ride.
The worker lady asked if we wanted to have our own spaceship to fly, the answer: defiantly not. Flying a spaceship is so much funner with four people. (Yoda, r2d2, Jake and Kelsey).
The Magical Disney Castle.
Jake’s fish-eye lens is awesome because it captures everything in the surroundings. cooool
Remember how my sole intentions of even going to California Adventure was to go to the Corn Dog Castle and get a yummy corn dog? Remember how Ariel and her water show are taking over, and the Corn Dog castle is no longer? Me to. It was a sad day. But good news…….the farmer market made hand dipped corn dogs!
Jake and I watched the Jedi show and they picked out children from the audience to learn the art of Jedi. I wished Bryce was here so badly with us because he would of been perfect for this. I would say out of anyone, he is a true pure blood Jedi.
Each child fought Darth Maul or Darth Vader. I think being a little tike, this might be quite scary. They all did a great job, and fought a good battle.
I tickled Jake the entire ride. That might be why his scream is so big.
Finally, a hand dipped corn dog.
Dead droids tell no tales.
Taking a spin in the Ferris wheel. We went in a moving cart. Kinda scary.
This became one of our favorite rides. The monsters inc ride was super cute. We tried many times to count how many eyeballs we could find in the ride but there were way too many.
WAHOOO!!! The entire Star Wars Backpack Family Unites!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryce had the Chewy backpack at home and brought him with him when him and Amber came to meet up with us at Disneyland!
I have the greatest sister ever! She is so much fun and the best party animal ever! She is quite the trooper for meeting up with us so much! It was so nice to see her! I love coming into town and being able to play with her and her family! I am grateful she is a supporter of Star Wars and got Bryce such a cool backpack.
Winnie the Pooh ride!
Sadly, the last night of the Disney. Such a great and Joyous time. Disneyland is really where all your wildest dreams come true!

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  • Hayley
    March 8, 2010

    the backpack picture was THE BEST- bryce will definitely remember that fun time forever- so sweet! glad you guys had a blast- wish we were there!
    hay and aub

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