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Well….I have felt like the I am luckiest girl of all time! I got to go with Jake and his wonderful family to France for 2 weeks! I had a wonderful time getting to know them all even more, and exploring what France had to offer. The main purpose of this trip was to pick up Jake’s brother, Cameron from his mission in Toulouse. So cool! I was originally going to post all the pictures from everyday we had on the trip, but decided to post a few highlights on the blog instead.(When I make a photo book someday, Ill post the link of the finished product)

Flying to France was fun,but long. I think it was the first time I didn’t fall asleep the whole plane flight! I was so glad that Tuna was able to sneak in my bag and come on the trip. I played with him the whole flight. When I got to France, I forgot a few things that I loved so much. Pastries, Bounty bars, and chocolate filled crasanuts.
This is Tuna. He is the best monkey of all time! He came with us everywhere! Tuna had already known most of Jake’s family in California when we got him from my brother in law John. Tuna was so excited to meet Cameron! Notice how clean Tunas face is at the beginning of the trip. (he got lots of kisses and love)

We stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast places in every area we went to. This picture was taken in the backyard of our first bed and breakfast! This for sure was our favorite place we stayed at. Probably because the nutella and pound cake for breakfast.

This was one of my best experiences at church away from home. The spirit was so strong here. I love how I do not speak or understand any language besides English, but when I go to church, the feeling is just the same. I would even say the spirit can very easily,and strongly be felt here in this French Branch. One the strongest I have felt. It was great! At the end of the sacrament meeting a little girl that was probably around 8 years old or so, said the closing prayer. I thought that was so sweet.

Have you ever heard of a sunflower grower men? Maybe a sunflorest…a floweroligist? The only time I have was in duck tales. How cool for that to be your job! There were so many sunflower fields along our drives in the back country. I guess the sunflower farmers extract the oils from them and create sunflower oil! That’s neat! We had a blast looking at the flowers and taking pictures of them.

After an intense day of finding a place to eat lunch, we found a good one! A hail storm began. It was fun to watch. It scared many people away, most likely because the hail kicked them off of their table…

This is one of my favorite places we went to! Beautiful gardens!

I love the architecture in France. You can sign me up to have shutters and a brick home anyday. (with air conditioning…..)


Wesley was quite an adventurous eater. He was always up to try anything and enjoyed it all! Hes my idol. Welsey got escargo and let me try one. The snails were covered in so much garlic and butter,they tasted great.

Jake is going to be the best father ever. I walked in, and he was having a talk with Tuna. It looks like it was a pretty intense talk. Tuna has a large smile on his face, so I am guessing he enjoyed this one on one time with Jake.

Great news!!!! It was finally time to pick up Cameron! We got to go to his groups, closing testimony meeting over at the Mission Presidents home. It was wonderful. I was so glad to meet him. When Cameron got to the car, Tuna was wait to meet Cameron. They exchanged hellos in French. Cameron and Wesley did an awesome job doing so much interpreting for us during the trip. They were life savors! Jake knows a bit of French and did great speaking the language to. France was interesting to me, because I felt like it was the only place in Europe I couldn’t communicate with anyone. I feel most places in Europe, everyone speaks English. I need to learn another language.
Carcazone. Sadly Sue didn’t get to join us, so someday well all have to go back again! It was a neat Renaissance town with castles, jousting, and swords.

We got to see the coolest towns that were up on hills. Each town had its own large cathedral. That was amazing to me. They were all beautiful, and very gody.

Wahoo!!!! Cameron’s first swim!!!! This was an exciting night! Jake and I bought a water camera before we went on this trip and it has worked awesome! Go Cannon, and Cameron for your first swim!

My cute Jakey. I am happy, my hair feels like its starting to grow. Still a mullet, but a longer mullet.


Count of Monte Cristo!!!!!! Remember that cool movie? We got to go see the actual place where the story actually took place. Shato Def. (I don’t know how to spell) It was neat. The hole where he climbed out must of been hard to dig. It wasn’t like in the movie though, with a long tunnel, and coming up threw the floor. It was kinda on the side of a wall. The building also didn’t have long windy passages, and enormously tall walls like in the movie. It still would of been miserable to be there. When we were there, we were told that some parents would pay for there kids to come here. Yes, that would make anyone do their homework.


We ate great food the whole trip! Sadly, food is always a highlight in my life. Many restaurants made an effort to have nice presentation. Eating customs are also quite different in France. There is only certain times during lunchtime, or dinner that you can eat. Thank goodness for McDonald’s. We ate a lot of stinky, but yummy cheese, begets, pastries, green plums, chocolate, and peaches. It was fantastic.

Jakey and Tuna Melt. I always knew he was great, but now I know even more why! Because his family is so great! They treated me so well on this trip. I truly felt part of their family. They are so good to me.

This was one of my favorite days of the trip! We got to canoe down river! Kim had the best idea ever of putting Tuna in a ziplock bag so he could come canoeing to! After having Tuna with us everywhere we went, we couldn’t stand to leave him in the car all by himself. I feel his smile is extra large in this picture.

Sue and Kim got us to large 3 seater canoes for us. This was good because sometimes we would each need to take a little break. Except for Kim. I think he should be a professional canoer. He had so much rowing energy.

Wow, lets just say this was a big day for mankind. This was Tunas first time swimming. As you can tell from this picture, he was so ecstatic, and overwhelmingly excited. Now anytime we even bring him near a large body of water he wants to jump in. Tuna has learned though, that he is not allowed to go swimming with out his plastic bubble. I am so glad Tuna got to go swimming to. Tuna said this was the highlight of his trip. Thanks for the great idea Kim!

A large reflection walkway/pool. This was neat. We had fun walking around in it. It was a walking area, just glazed with water so only the soles of your shoes got wet. This area reminded me of downtown London. It was fun being able to go to areas where Cameron has served. He seemed like a great missionary.

Sue has great style. She called about some cute dresses that were modest,that she found, and we got matching dresses! I love to match! This was really fun for me! Thanks Sue! You are to good to me!

I wish I could post all the pictures. 10 pictures does not do a two week journey justice! Thanks Harris family for the best time ever! I sure love you all so much!

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  • Brenda Jamsion
    October 3, 2010

    Our son Steven served his mission in the SAME mission! Remember when we went to France? We spent time in the same area. So glad you enjoyed the beautiful area as well!

  • Kimball
    October 3, 2010

    Kelsey, we want you to come with us on all of our vacations! You make it so fun. Thanks for posting the picture of us in our matching dresses, I have never been able to match with anyone before. You are such a good sport, love Sue

  • Kimball
    October 3, 2010

    Kelsey, we had such a fun time with you! Thanks so much for being happy and helping us keep a good spirit throughout the whole trip. With all 6 of us in a mini-van for over 3000 kilometers, you were a real blessing!