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Jake and I were driving home from France on the I-15 and saw a billboard for the Utah State Fair. We knew right then, this was something we needed to go to. Tuna was ecstatic. We knew we had to take him! We planned to go for Family Night.

When we walked into the fair,our first site was kettle corn, corn dogs, fresh lemonade, and seals. All of what we wanted to be part of! To our surprise, there was a cornucopia of animals! Tuna wanted to go pet the rabbits. You could buy them to! We almost bought Tuna one for his first pet, but thought that might be to much responsibility to start off with. Just a pet is a good start for him.

Who knew we were in for such a treat! MOO MOOS! This ones name is Martha.


Two cows in love.
This cow had to go………he drank to much Gatorade. We got to see some farmers milk some cows. It was so crazy to see how full of milk they were!


Motherly love


I liked the sheep. They reminded me of the sheep on Babe that said, Baaaaaah rammmmm you! ( someday I will learn to speak lamb, and I will tell you what that means.)


There were vegetable races, for the largest edible growth.
He saw Tuna and wanted him!!!!!


I gave him a kiss in exchange for leaving Tuna alone.


Remember how I got so excited because I thought that this was a pig pin? I thought that the sign read pig…….ieons..I just wanted to meet Wilbur.


The two cutest carrots I have ever seen 🙂


Jake and I saw a stand for Fried Pickles. We are both huge pickle lovers, so we knew we needed to try one! It was fun, because my sister Amber called when we were eating the pickle! Its always so great to talk to family! Then my dad called. He and Jake made some plans for him to fly home the next day to ask my hand in marriage. I was excited!


That’s what tasted like magic.


From this five pic spread, you should get the point if you ever see a fried pickle stand, you need to try it at least once in your life! It tastes kinda like fried zucchini, but tones of flavor, and yummy fried pickle juice.


Food is always one of the best part of fairs! Jake, Tuna, and I got a Navajo taco with strawberries, whip cream and powder sugar on it! Tastey! Next…..Lemonade!


When we looked up the state fair online, we saw that there were pig races, and that is what I wanted to see most of all! We got great seats for the event!


Here are the cute little piggies racing. They were running so fast, we couldn’t get a good picture of them. I loved watching them. The host of the show told us that the piggies race for an Oreo. I always knew I had a common love with pigs.
After the pig races, we went to find the pig pin. It wasn’t labeled pigeons……


ear candy


cute nose
The pigs were so cute when they were drinking out of their water spouts. I loveeeeed seeing the pigs. Growing up my sister Cami had a pig at a pig pin. And I used to be an avid pig memorabilia collector. Random fact about my past…

sleeping pig


I bet this was how Wilber was as a child.


We saw a sign for a monstrous alligator. One look would cost one dollar. Worth it. This alligator was huge! I was trying to make him move,so I whistled, and he rose up on his back legs. That was creeeeeepy.


One eyed Willy.


Welcome to the night life of the state fair.




fun houses….




This was the first spinny ride we went on. We felt so sick after. I remember as kid, feeling like mom and dad couldn’t handle to many rides…..and now I understand how they feel. I am sorry mom and dad I was not more sympathetic and made you ride more rides with me….over…….and over…..They were the biggest troopers! I remember my dad rode of Space Mountain with me 8 times in a row….
We got unlimited ride wrist bands. We had a blast riding on rides till we felt we were going to barf. I’d say the Utah State Fair was a great success.


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utah state fair