Sledding at Solider Hollow

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Jake and I were able to go on a fun double date with Heather and Tanner! It was a blast! We went up to Midway and went to Solider Hollow. Seeing the Olympics sign reminded me of the movie Cool Runnings for some reason. Anyways, here we are in the parking lot getting ready to go sledding. For some reason putting our passes on was a hard task. This year they raised there pass price by 6 bucks a person. That was the only bummer of the day! After going12+ runs, I think we definitely got our monies worth.
Of course we could not go sledding with out Tuna. He is our prize possession. (I think we have weird attachment issues?)
Here is Jake and I coming down the runway. Trust me, it is a lot funner than it looks! When you are sledding down, you are supposed to use your feet to stop you when you see the orange cones. I liked to ignore the cones and pick up speed to try and run into the fence.


I am weird and wore my googles so ice flakes wouldn’t get in my eyes. Worth it!
The great thing about Solider Hollow is that there is a tow rope! Wahoo! At the end is the best part because there is a drop off that unhooks you. If I were an infant I think that might scare me a little bit.
Jake and Tuna coming up the mountain!
Here is Tanner and Heather. I was cracking up when I took this picture because Heather hated going backwards. Oh also notice their little tubes they are on. Jake and I convinced them the little tubes were faster than the big ones…..


Finished a great run! And a cute picture to!
I never realized what a serious sport sledding is.
Getting ready to ride the tow rope.
I really liked this sign. I would be the person with the pony tail caught….
After a great two hours of sledding, surprisingly we were all exhausted! Who would think being pulled by a tow rope is tuff work? We got to sled a few runs with all of us attached together. I think those were the funnest because we would go so fast!
Thanks Heather and Tanner for a great night!
Tunas one winter goal this year was to make a perfect snow angel. I think he did pretty great! I am a proud mother!
And of course, every date usually ends with great food! After we got home we picked up some yummy Wingers to enjoy! It was fantastic! I think chicken wings are still one of my absolute favorite foods.

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  • Hayley
    March 23, 2011

    Oh what a great post! Your snow outfit it just the CUTEST and that looks like some serious sledding fun- why don't I live in Utah?? and all those great places to eat! PF changs and that Mexican Restaurant?- YUM! and I love your HUGE pictures- they really make a difference. and all that sleeping- way to live it up!

HoneyMoon!!! off to Hawaii
Sledding at Solider Hollow